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4 Hottest Eyebrow Trends You Need to Try Now

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    Eyebrows have magic – they can change the way you look with a little touch. The color, shape, and texture of your brows can either enhance or downplay the way your eyes look. The year of 2017 was full of surprising twists and weird tastes when it comes to eyebrow shapes. This year, we’re looking more into natural shapes and shades that suit your on-the-go makeup look. Less time doing makeup means more time for beauty sleep.

    Step up your brow game and look naturally gorgeous with these eyebrow trends. Know some tips on how to achieve these looks. Here are the top trends that will shape up 2018!

    Woman with perfect eyebrows

    Natural Arched Brows

    Makeup should be easy and fast while giving you full coverage. Shaping your eyes take too much time. One of the trends this 2018 is the naturally arched brows. To get this look, you just need to let your brows to grow until they become full-bodied. Natural growth of eyebrows including stray strands is in nowadays.

    Naturally arched brows follow the shape of hair growth. To achieve this eyebrow shape, avoid plucking or threading eyebrows every week. This may look messy but it’s important to trim your brows every two weeks or once a month. The natural shape of the brows often has soft arches that lose shape as you pluck or thread it.

    How to Get Natural Arched Brows:

    Here are simple steps to get naturally arched brows:

    1. Let eyebrows grow without trimming for at least 6 weeks.
    2. Trim the ends of strays to keep eyebrows in shape. Do not trim the edges of your brows.
    3. Use a mascara wand to comb eyebrows upwards. Do not brush the hair down. Brows that are brushed up give you a fresh look.
    4. Use a brow gel or a lip balm to hold the hair in place.

    Pro Tip:

    Use serums to thicken eyebrows. It’s important to visit professional salons as well and trim brows every two weeks. Avoid using fillers on eyebrows to maintain the natural look.

    Plucking eyebrows

    Textured Brows

    Textured brows defy the norm of having smooth and full-bodied eyebrows. The texture of the eyebrows can be achieved by focusing on giving the strands depth without filling it up. Shading eyebrows can make it lose texture to give focus on its shape.

    What makes this trend unique is that you focus on giving your brows depth and dimension instead of shape. The trick is to stick to soft arches that you can trim easily. It prevents eyebrows from looking too heavy.

    How to Get Natural Textured Brows

    Here are the steps to get textured brows:

    1. Trim the ends of strands to keep eyebrows looking neat.
    2. Use an oil or serum before shower.
    3. Brush eyebrows with mascara wand following the direction of hair growth.
    4. Brush hair in sections with upward motions, enough to lift up the strands.
    5. Use a little amount of gel liner and brush over brows.

    Pro Tip:

    Not everyone is lucky enough to keep their eyebrows looking thick and healthy. To achieve a full-bodied shape without applying liners, use essential oils or eyebrow serums that promote the growth of thick and healthy hair on brows. Do this every night. It helps prevent thinning as well.

    Bold and textured eyebrows

    Bold Eyebrows

    Bold and full eyebrows do not look as natural as the first two. However, instead of altering the shape of your eyebrows, what you need here is to make it attention-grabbing. Do this by making your eyebrows look thick instead of shaping it.

    Bold eyebrows make you look fierce. It frames the eyes well and makes good use of your forehead. You might notice that when you go by this style, people are more inclined to look you in the eyes!

    How to Get Bold Eyebrows

    Try this eyebrow style for an easy day-to-day makeup look!

    1. Pluck stray strands around the eyebrow area. Do not trim the edges of hair.
    2. Use a serum or oil to thicken the eyebrows. Let dry.
    3. Use a brow liner or an eyebrow pencil and fill up the area covered by eyebrows. Choose a shade darker than your hair type to give it emphasis.
    4. Make your eyebrows bolder by using a concealer or highlighter. Apply at the edges of your eyebrows.

    Pro Tip:

    Always choose a shade darker than the color of your hair. This gives you bolder brows that frame the eyes. Darker shade helps emphasize your forehead too. This eyebrow style is the best choice if you’re going for a fresh and glowing look. Avoid using this style together with dark eyeshadows.

    Bold eyebrows

    Fishtail Brows

    Here’s a more revolutionary eyebrow look that you need to try as well. Compared to barbed eyebrows, this is a downgrade but it has that fierce yet elegant look to it. This eyebrow trend puts a twist to slit eyebrows. The tail of the slit eyebrow lifts up instead of following the shape of the eyebrows.

    It is one of the first eyebrow trends in 2018 that is still going strong. It is easy to do without actually shaving a slit on your eyebrows.

    How to Get Fishtail Brows

    Learn how to do fishtail brows easily with these steps!

    1. Apply concealer to clean eyebrows and surrounding area of the face. Make sure not to use too much to make it feel cakey.
    2. Apply brow liner and brush eyebrows to make it look even.
    3. Reapply concealer on surrounding area of the brows and in the area that you want to split your eyebrows.
    4. Draw the lifting tail of the inner eyebrows.
    5. Use highlighter to even out the color of the skin.

    Pro Tip:

    Use a thin brush when applying the concealer to the area of the split in the eyebrows. It’s important to only use dabbing motions. Putting pressure on the brush can mix the concealer and the brow liner, which gives you a greyish color. Shape your eyebrows using a liner to avoid a mess.

    Threading eyebrows

    Eyebrow styles are easy to do yet they give you the power to change how you look and feel about yourself. These trends just show that we have a growing appreciation for natural beauty and progressive fashion styles at the same time. Just make sure that to draw even brows that frame your eyes well!

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