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5 YouTube Beauty Mavens You Should Follow Right Now

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    From learning how to get that winter glow or just the basics of perfecting that winged liner – you’ve probably browsed through the lifestyle encyclopedia that is YouTube. And if it’s stars we’re talking about, then these YouTube sensations surely piqued your interest and appeared on your screen.

    With an ever-growing audience for beauty and fashion, over 400 channels in YouTube alone targets women from teens to motherhood. Still, to wade through this bunch of useless info is also a hard task. And so, we bring these trendsetters in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Get to know these YouTube stars and learn from the best.

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    1. Michelle Phan

    With almost 9 million subscribers in YouTube and a staggering 2.1 million followers in Instagram, there’s no doubt about it. Michelle Phan’s one of the top beauty bloggers that we love. Started in the year 2007, this star is currently taking a break from uploading videos. With a decade under her belt, Michelle is an expert in creating flawless makeup looks and in skin care.

    If you need a guide when it comes to creating the perfect look for a date night, prom, or for holidays, then Michelle’s the one you should consult. With over 300 uploaded videos, learn from the expert and you’ll never feel lacking with the results. These makeup tutorials are some of the best you can find on YouTube.

    Michelle Phan, the first women blogger to reach 1 billion lifetime views in YouTube, is also the CEO of the brand line em Cosmetics focusing in lip products and eye liners. Aside from her soothing voice, what really attracted viewers to her page is her authentic personality. This fairy godmother’s step-by-step tutorials transform you from your everyday look into Cinderella.

    Michelle Phan

    2. Zoe Sugg

    Zoe Sugg, or more known as Zoella has a bubbly personality gives her blog an upbeat feel that both teenager and young women can relate to. Her expertise are makeup tips, DIYs, hair care, fashion, and even some real life topics that are both helpful and fun to watch.

    She now sits on her throne, ruling over an empire of both makeup and fashion. You can find some tutorials where she uses her own products in her videos. Of course, let’s not forget that at age 27, she currently has almost 12 million subscribers in YouTube and 11 million followers in Instagram. Talk about a social media celebrity.

    Learn how you can get that clear and glowing face with the techniques that Zoe’s got for you. And who doesn’t want to learn the secrets of a rocking hairstyle? Have fun watching her fun videos as you enjoy picking up some helpful skills.

    Zoe Sugg

    3. Shannon Harris

    When it comes to beauty and fashion, then let’s not forget about Shannon Harris. This Kiwi vlogger is included in Forbes’ inaugural list of the top influencers in YouTube and social media just like Michelle Phan and Zoe Sugg.

    What sets her apart from other beauty bloggers is that her channel focuses on makeup tutorials, techniques, and skin care. Her chic videos are perfect for young women looking for tutorials and references how to get that perfect look done. Plus, you get to see lots of new ways to use makeup and even reviews for products.

    Aside from owning a beauty brand, xoBeauty, Shannon (Shaaanxo) has now 3 million subscribers on YouTube, who waits for new videos regularly that always features the latest trends in beauty and fashion. Be part of the trendsetters and learn from one of the best. Follow her to learn more about expert tips and ways to put on makeup on face and other tricks to get great results.

    Shannon Harris

    4. Bethany Mota

    Another beauty blogger that started as a teenager, you’ll love visiting Bethany Mota’s YouTube page as she discusses a wide range of topics about from fashion, beauty, travel, cooking, and even positive messages and empowerment.

    Bethany is an influencer that young women relate to and religiously follow. Her campaigns about anti-bullying and other positive changes in one’s life are gems in YouTube that helped a lot of girls and young women. With over 10 million subscribers in YouTube and 5 million followers on Instagram, her voice surely is heard.

    She’s not just any beauty blogger as Bethany is already seen on TV and is a known partner for brands and product lines. Her videos that let you take a peek into her private life are fun to watch and also helpful for teens. Tackling a lot of topics from school fashion, easy healthy tips, and everyday issues that girls can relate to.

    Bethany Mota

    5. Andrea Brooks

    Different from your normal beauty blog, Andrea’s got great DIY tips for you. Plus, her channel really delves more into hair care matters. While you can pick up a thing or two about makeup and skin care, prepare to get bombarded with a lot of useful information about taking care of one’s hair and styling it.

    Her style and beauty tips are always on the trend. Having over 4 million subscribers, Andrea loves to help people with her YouTube videos. Her expertise does not stop at just healthy living and beauty tips. She also got some ideas for home decors and even setting up rooms with various themes.

    Don’t let your hair troubles ruin your day and let Andrea teach you expert hacks to bring out the best in your tresses. Visit her page and see great tutorials and tips that are unique amongst beauty bloggers.

    Andrea Brooks

    Take a peek into the pages of these sensational YouTube bloggers and see what the hype is all about. There’s nothing like learning from the best bunch of influencers out there.

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