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6 Favorite Essential Oils for Healthy and Luscious Lips

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    Having dry and chapped lips can ruin any day. Even if it’s a good hair day. While you can tame those wild locks, you’ll definitely suffer from the burning sensation of chapped lips. And it also makes you dread applying lipsticks. Stinging cracks and a rough texture? Save your lips from these woes with these 6 essential oils that beauty buffs favor.

    While lip balms surely do the trick in protecting your lips from drying, it does not fully heal the chapping. And if you think that there’s all there is about lip care, then you’ll be surprised to find out that there are actually a lot of products and natural methods you can do to protect it from getting dry and dull.

    Moisturizing rose oil

    What Makes Your Lips Dry and Cracked?

    Your lips do not just get dry and cracked. There are actually reasons for it to happen. Having a cold temperature is one of them. There’s less humidity in the air and whatever moisture is left on your lips just evaporates.

    But if you still experience the drying and chapping on normal days or even on warm ones, then you might be doing and experiencing some of these things.

    • Dry Air

    Even when it’s hot, there are still times where the air gets dry. Very low humidity is one of the reasons that the skin gets dry and this also applies to your lips. This is why a lot of experts advise investing in some humidifier.

    • Dehydration

    Not drinking the recommended daily intake of water means that there is not enough to go around your body. It also affects the lips as the suppleness and moisture that it has, primarily comes from the water that you drink.

    Coconut Oil for Dry Cracked Lips
    • Lack of Nutrients

    Like the skin, your lips also get its nourishment from the foods that you ingest. This is why you need to consume foods that are high in vitamins and minerals.

    • Alcohols in toothpaste and other lip products.

    Using toothpaste and other lip products that contain alcohol can also dry your lips and using them frequently even speeds up the damage.

    • Breathing through the mouth.

    If you have a cold or nasal allergy, then you might be forced to breathe through your mouth. This is actually one of the reasons that the lips get dry. The air that passes through your mouth dries your lips.

    • Biting and licking the lips.

    Some people, women especially, bite their lips to give it a rosy color when their lipsticks are not at reach. While it temporarily gives you red and kissable lips, this is actually dangerous and causes drying and cracking.

    Applying lip gloss

    6 Soothing Oils for Your Lips

    A favorite among beauty buffs, these topical oils proved their worth when they healed cracking and prevented the drying of lips. Some of these oils even have a refreshing and sensual scent that appeals to your senses. Find out about them and what they can do to give you naturally kissable lips without the rough texture.

    1. Lavender Oil

      Famous for having such a calming scent, lavender oil is actually a good product to use on the lips. It has effects that help treat peeling, cracking and even worse conditions of bleeding lips.

      • Mix two drops of lavender oil in a teaspoon of your preferred carrier oil. Use this blend on your lips all throughout the day for 3-4 times.
      2. Chamomile Oil

      What’s great with chamomile is that it has anti-inflammatory properties. And it works well in soothing the swelling of chapped lips. It also helps with drying and even works well in relieving pain on your lips.

      • Because this is a gentle oil, there’s no need to mix or dilute it with carrier oils. You can use it neat. Apply on your lips whenever it dries all throughout the day.

      Luscious looking lips

      3. Jasmine Essential Oil

      This oil is popular for having a unique scent that is warming to the senses. Aside from this, lavender oil has high antiseptic properties that heal the chapping of your lips. It will also plump up your lips for a kissable pout.

      • Apply on your lips 3-4 times a day or whenever it dries. It is also safe to leave it on overnight for deep hydration of the lips.
      4. Frankincense Oil

      If you want an oil that conditions your lips not only to leave it moisturized but also soft and smooth, then frankincense is your best choice. It is a famous essential oil in skin care because of its great properties that condition the skin, and by extension, your lips.

      • Create a blend of healing lip balm by mixing 15 drops of frankincense, 15 drops of lavender oil and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Put in a container for easy access. Rub on your lips frequently during the day to get great effects.
      Olive oil
      5. Olive Oil

      If there’s anything that you still need to know about olive oil, then it must be this. It’s a great lip care product because of its abundance of vitamin E and other nutrients. Coupled with its anti-inflammatory effects, it is very effective in treating the chapping and cracking.

      • Make your own homemade lip balm by mixing ¾ tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of olive oil and another tablespoon of coconut oil. Rub on the lips often to prevent drying.
      6. Coconut Oil

      Truly a miracle oil with its great moisturizing and soothing ability, coconut oil is a favorite of beauty buffs when it comes to lip care. It contains not only vitamins but also antioxidants and essential fatty acids. When applied to the lips, they nourish and protect it from getting dry. Keep your lips supple and smooth with a drop of pure essential oils. It will hydrate it deeply and ensure its health. You can also mix it with other oils for boosted effects.

      Among these oils, what do you think would work best on you? Try one and find out if you can kiss your lip woes goodbye with essential oils!

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