Money Back Guarantee – Try Shiny Leaf Products with No Risk! Shiny Leaf

Money Back Guarantee – Try Shiny Leaf Products with No Risk!

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    You are probably aware that Shiny Leaf has its own Money Back Guarantee in place. We care for our customers and we do everything to make sure everyone is happy. That’s why we created our Happiness Guarantee Policy. This special policy is geared to ensure 100% satisfaction among our customers. This includes four major promises we intend to keep:

    • Top Quality Products
    • Shipping Protection
    • Money Back Guarantee
    • Fast Reliable Customer Care

    To learn more about our Happiness Guarantee, you can read our article on worry-free shopping where these four features were discussed in more detail.

    But if you want see closely the perks of having a money back guarantee – how it works and why you need one – stay on this page because the next sections are just about that. In this article, we will focus on the importance and benefits of a Money Back Guarantee, especially for you as a customer.

    Money Back Guarantee for security

    What is a Money Back Guarantee Policy?

    Generally, a Money Back Guarantee is a statement from the seller that promises refunds for customers who are not satisfied with their purchases. Thus, it is also known as a “satisfaction guarantee”. It’s a special feature that provides customers with a sense of safety when purchasing a product.

    A standard Money Back Guarantee should address which items or services it covers and the allowable amount and timeframe for refunds.

    Here are the three basic parts of a Money Back Guarantee:

    1. Process and Timeframe - this section should answer the following questions:
    • Does the item need to be returned to receive a refund?
    • How many days upon receipt of the item should the customer return it?
    • Do the days start counting from time of purchase or time of delivery?
    • Does the customer have to give a reason or justify the refund request?
    1. Type of refund - the types of refund that companies can offer are:
    • Store credit – maybe in form of points or rewards you can use to purchase other products in their store
    • Replacement item
    • Full refund – means the price of product in full amount
    • Partial refund – a portion of the product cost (could be 50%, 70%, depending on the store’s terms)

    Money Back Guarantee for Online Purchases

    1. Shipping costs – there could be different factors you need to consider at this point. Here are a few pointers:
    • If the seller offers free shipping, there will be no problem since only the product cost needs to be refunded.
    • If shipping is free, is it free within certain regions only?
    • If there was a shipping fee, is it also refundable?

    How Can You Benefit from Having a Money Back Guarantee?

    A money back guarantee can be beneficial for you as a customer because it frees you from fear of making purchases you may not like, or being stuck with a product that:

    • Does not fit your style (perhaps, your hair type or skin type?)
    • Does not work
    • Is not what you expected it to be

    In other words, a Money Back Guarantee can be considered as an insurance policy against the risk of making an unwise purchase.

    Why Is a Money Back Guarantee Important?

    Although there’s no law that requires a Money Back Guarantee, it is important for us as a seller to have one for the following reasons:

    • Gives our customers the assurance and us (the seller) the confidence that the products we offer are of highest quality.
    • Reduces or eliminates customer risk.
    • Fosters trust between us (seller and customers).
    • Differentiates us from other brands as being “reliable” and “trustworthy”.
    • Enhances overall customer experience.

    From our own perspective as an online brand, we believe that a Money Back Guarantee is fairly important for both parties—we as the seller and you as the customer.

    For you, it takes away the fear of buyer’s remorse. We understand how you must be feeling once you receive an item that doesn’t make you happy. There will be no feeling of satisfaction if the items you paid for isn’t worth it. (We, know that… we care about that.)

    For us, as a seller, a strong Money Back Guarantee Policy is our thoughtful way of making a promise that you don’t have to worry about anything because we stand behind our products. You can put it as our subtle way of declaring (publicly) that we are confident about the quality of our products. That means they work and we swear by their benefits.

    We are here for you and trust us, we want you to make the best buy of your life.

    6 Key Things That Make Money Back Guarantee Important

    Bringing Attention to Shiny Leaf’s Generous Happiness Guarantee

    As a primary part of our Happiness Guarantee, we make sure that it’s easy for our customers to be able to make a refund. If you are not 100% happy with your Shiny Leaf purchase, you have 30 days NO QUESTIONS ASKED Money Back Guarantee. To request a refund from Shiny Leaf, just follow these steps:

    How to Refund an Item

    1. Contact us by sending an email to
    2. Another option is to drop a message on our social media. You can check us out on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter
    3. In your message, please include your 1) Name, 2) Order Number, 3) Store bought from, and 4) Reason for Refund.
    4. A customer care representative will write back to you within 12 hours.

    You also have the freewill to ask for a product replacement instead of a money refund. Note that product replacement or refund is available for all products purchased from Shiny Leaf official store, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy. The request should take place within 30 days after the items are delivered to you.

    Shiny Leaf will refund the exact amount paid for the product but without the shipping fees.

    If you have questions, please read our full Returns Policy to get all related bits and conditions.

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