Self-Love: The History of Shiny Leaf Shiny Leaf

Self-Love: The History of Shiny Leaf

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    Before becoming a known brand of personal care products, Shiny Leaf started with a desire of finding solutions to our own hair issues. There were thousands of options available in the market – shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, and the list goes on. They can be found everywhere – drugstore, supermarket, and even online. With so many options, it was so easy to trail the wrong track by choosing products that don’t really work or are not suitable with our hair type. One can try as many, but in frequently falling into the wrong products, your hair could end up damaged.

    With the goal of finding treatment to weak and thinning hair, we stumbled upon an oil taken from the seeds of castor plant – the castor oil, a nutrient-rich oil known for a number of uses and benefits. In the beginning, we tried it out as an oil treatment to boost strength and hair growth. The results were astounding and from there, we knew natural ingredients is the key to having healthy hair that’s beautiful and protected against damage.

    Testing out castor oil for hair

    Beginning of A Brand

    After seeing the best results from using a pure and natural ingredient like the castor oil, we worked into having a deeper understanding about plant oils and extracts. We learned about how they work, their benefits, and the best ways to harness them.

    Aside from castor oil, we found other types of essential oils that hooked us. Pomegranate seed oil and rose absolute oil were interesting subjects.

    From our gained knowledge, we put together a list of these personal favorites. That was the birth of our first product collection – a line of natural oils that can be used for haircare and skincare routine. It consisted of castor oil, pomegranate seed oil, and rose absolute oil. Each type of oil is carefully selected and crafted using the most effective extraction methods. Since the beginning, high quality is our top priority in everything that we do. And from there, our story began, as a beauty brand started to emerge.

    First Shiny Leaf Collection consisted of natural oils

    Why the Name Shiny Leaf

    After putting together our initial product line, the next step was to decide on a brand name that reflects who we are, what we do, and our ideals. Shiny Leaf was the perfect brand name that instantly resonated with the team. ‘Shiny’ represented our goal, which is to make hair shiny and to make a person “shine” with self-confidence. ‘Leaf’ represented nature which is the primary source of our ingredients. That’s why in our logo and our emblem, a shiny little leaf is always featured.

    Brand Launching

    The Shiny Leaf brand was officially launched on August 10, 2016 with a couple of organic oils as our first line of products. We knew these oils were very effective in keeping skin and hair beautiful. That’s why despite starting from point zero, with a small group of people, we put up our humble headquarters at Las Vegas, Nevada.

    We made Shiny Leaf products available to the international market by selling them through Amazon and our official website With a mantra of “Look Good, Love Yourself”, Shiny Leaf has easily won the hearts of many. We are proud that in a very short span of time, we have instilled with our community of loyal customers the value of taking care of themselves and those around them.

    What Sets Us Apart

    Our commitment to making high quality products and make it available for all is what makes our brand unique. We believe that everyone is beautiful and everyone should be able to feel good about themselves. With two things in mind – quality and affordability – using natural ingredients became our brand’s standard.

    The shiny leaf symbolizes shiny hair and natural ingredients

    With experience and research, we found that ingredients that come from nature are the best choices. They are gentle, effective, and pretty much harmless. Unlike chemical-based products filled with synthetic ingredients, our products are rather caring than damaging. They help keep your hair, skin, and body healthy. This is very important knowing that we use these products in our daily lives. Therefore, preventing negative effects in the long run is one of our considerations.

    Promise of Principles

    In every product we make, we keep in mind important principles that we always stick to in order to maintain a degree of standard. And not like any promises, we don’t intend to break them. Instead, we want to keep and nurture them for as long as we make our customers happy.

    Use of Natural Ingredients

    Having started from using natural oils, it has been our standard to create amazing products infused with natural ingredients. From oils to plant extracts, we use nourishing ingredients that are naturally available. This makes all our haircare and skincare products safe for all.


    All Shiny Leaf products and the ingredients we use are 100% cruelty-free. We strictly do not test on animals. By using non-toxic ingredients and by avoiding animal testing, we are happy to help in taking care of the environment too.

    Made in the USA

    We have set the highest manufacturing standards to guide us as a brand. Before launching, each product is carefully planned and crafted. They are made in the USA and are made in compliance with strict US manufacturing standards. All US deliveries are also free shipping!

    Excellent Support Service

    We also make sure that your Shiny Leaf experience is more than just buying products from us. We want to cultivate a relationship among our customers by providing you with utmost care through our top-of-the-line customer support. Our team of customer support representatives are always welcoming to help you with your queries or concerns.

    100% Happiness Guarantee

    With all these efforts we do, the end goal is to make our dear customers happy. We want to cultivate confidence among you that’s why we offer Happiness Guarantee for everyone. Our high-quality products, our top-of-the-line customer service, our shipping protection and our 30-day money back guarantee – they all make up your experience with us worth it every time.

    Shiny Leaf History Infographic

    Small Business, Big Commitment

    Shiny Leaf wants to create a community full of encouragement and driven by self-love. As a small business, we are eager to fully commit to our mission of giving everyone a choice of products that they will enjoy using.

    Now, we have grown into a full international brand with happy customers all over the world. We offer self-care products for your daily routines including shampoos, conditioners, natural oils, and other personal care essentials. As we go on, Shiny Leaf promises to keep our ideals focused on giving you nothing less than the best!

    Special Features

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