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Gentlemen’s Beard Code: Beard Dos and Don’ts

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    Killing that beard?

    This question actually goes both ways. Are you sporting a sleek and stylish beard or are you literally killing it? Facial hair care is delicate and it isn't only comprised of making sure that the strands are healthy and strong. The gentlemen’s beard code guides you into building the ultimate grooming routine.

    This list shows the dos and don’ts of beard care which highlights the best practices and the atrocities that you can do to your facial hair. The best battle is won with knowledge over the enemy. Get equipped with ideas, tricks, and secrets to having a shiny and strong facial hair. Be a champion that confidently wears a majestic beard.

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    Trimming Facial Hair

    • DON’T let facial hair grow out of proportions. If you’ve chosen to stick to a certain style of facial hair, you need to make sure not to let it grow to lengths that will destroy the shape you prefer.
    • DO trim facial hair once in a while. Aside from making sure that it stays in shape, this is also effective in preventing the damage from spreading. This is a sure way of stopping split ends from getting worse.
    • DON’T trim recklessly. You can probably cut your own facial hair. But this is not the right way to maintain the desired length and shape. If you’re not willing to spend on salon fees, then master the art of trimming with the right tools.
    • DO match beard style to the shape of your face. Each beard style works for certain face shapes.

    Daily Facial Hair Wash

    • DON’T let your beard trap crumbs and flakes for long. Make sure to remove them to protect your skin from itchiness and other signs of irritation.
    • DO wash facial hair every day with the right products.
    • DON’T use hair washes and conditioners meant for your locks. There are products made for beard care.
    • DO choose and buy beard care products like hair wash, conditioners, and beard oil.
    • DO remember to always condition facial hair to keep it soft and silky. It helps prevent the strands from getting weak, brittle, and frizzy.
    • DON’T forget to moisturize the skin beneath the beard. This helps protect the skin from irritation and also makes sure that the hair strands grow strong and smooth.
    Essential oil for beard

      Grooming Facial Hair Into Perfection

      • DON’T use just any hair care products. Always go for natural formulas and products that are best suited for beard care.
      • DO use beard balms to moisturize and style facial hair. Since it is not the same hair that grows on your scalp, you need a gentle and nourishing styling product. A balm helps tame wild strands and keeps the shape that you went for.
      • DON’T forget to be conscious of your intake of proteins. Though there are no foods or drinks that could speed up the growth of facial hair, proteins are important in making sure that the strands are resilient against damages.
      • DO use only the right tools in grooming your beard. Really sharp scissors, trimmers, and razors are some of the basic tools you need to know about.

      Secret Grooming Tips You Need to Know About

      Once you’ve had a general idea of which practices to use and avoid, you can now use tricks that work well for you. Here are some of the best tips that experts and enthusiasts got for you.

      1. If you decide to grow a beard or start over again, you need to leave the facial hair growing for 4-6 weeks without touching it. This is because some strands grow faster than others. And waiting for at least this long helps your beard even out and grow into lengths where you can choose a style or shape that you want. Remember not to trim any facial hair during these first few weeks.

      Shaving cream

      2. The skin itches for the first few weeks of growing it out. Avoid scratching. Instead, you can use gentle essential oils to keep them soft which also prevents strands from going coarse and brittle. This reduces the irritation on the skin.

      3. Always remember to dry your beard after washing. Facial hair is easier to style and manage when dry and soft. Follow up with some combing from roots to tips. It shows any areas that you need to trim.

      4. Keep your beard at least 1 ½ inches above Adam’s apple. You can also fade your beard to give your style a smooth transition.

      5. Combing and stretching the strands give your beard length. Or at least makes it look longer and smoother.

      6. Leave your mustache alone. Don’t trim it that much. Let it grow to its full length to get a healthy and complete look.

      7. Some men can’t fully grow beards and there are also those who can’t grow at all. This is different from having facial hair growing but in patches. You can cover these patches up by simply letting the beard grow fuller. But if after 6 weeks and there's no sign of a beard growing fully, maybe it's time to reconsider having one.

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