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Affordable and good quality

These have the same make up as the vitamins I have paid a 3 times as much for from the doctor's office.

Best Bariatric vitamin I’ve ever purchased!

This product is the best Bariatric vitamin that I have purchased!! Especially like the price. I’ve purchased other Bariatric vitamins and still got severe muscle cramps and my bloodwork was always off, until I started using THIS product! No more cramping, bloodwork always comes back perfect too. Grateful to have found this item for sure!

No burp up

So far so good. I wont have new labs for a few more months but no burping up, doesnt make me sick and I am excited to see my results.

Great price

Best value I've found so far. I'm a gastric bypass patient and just starting this new brand so hopefully quality is as good as price.

Quick delivery and great product!

Thank you for your fast delivery and great product!

Perfect price.

Hopefully they have what I need in them. A blood test in 3 weeks will tell. Besides that right now they're perfect. Easy to swallow and an amazing price for 90 pills!

Small- once a day!

It is nice to be able to take one pill for vitamins and to be able to swallow it . My last regimen consisted of 4 huge chewable four times a day- what a pain . I like knowing I’m getting everything I need in one pill for the whole day. I’m not fond of the scent or smell when I open the bottle but I can get over it since it’s just once a day. The size of the capsule is smaller than some so it is easy to swallow.

Good Price for a year

I bought a year's supply because these vitamins are higher potency and just what someone that has had bariatric surgery needs. I looked at a lot of different bariatric vitamins and this is one of the few that gives you all of what you need in one capsule per day.

Great, easy and simple

I like it because I only have to take one capsule that contains multiple vitamins. This way I don’t have to eat and keep track of all my vitamins because this one has them all.

Works Well

So I needed to find a good bariatric vitamin after I had weight loss surgery last year. The key is finding one that has everything in it that you need and only having to take one a day. This brand has it all. The capsules are easy to swallow which is must for anyone that has had weight loss surgery. We all know how hard it is to swallow big pills after surgery. They're fast dissolving and will last you for 3 months. The cost is great as well, right in line with other multivitamins.

One a day, even I can remember that!

I love that it is just one a day. Four times a day for my previous multivitamin was just too much. I also hated the chewables. I have never been big on their sugary taste, so when I came across an easy to swallow capsule I was sold!


Takes the place of having to take several vitamins

Exactly what I need.

No bad taste, easy to swallow, and they include iron so I do not need to take an extra pill. Very satisfied.

Easy to take; body absorbs vitamins better.

I hated taking 2 vitamins after my gastric bypass. I even tried chewables but hated the aftertaste. These are awesome! In a powdered form so my body absorbs it better and I only have to take one. My surgeon approved it too!

Much better then chewables

Bariatric vitamins are an absolute must after bariatric surgery. I tried chewables and couldn't stand the taste. These don't really have a taste, and you only need one daily. I like this much better!

Great vitamin!

Great vitamin! It’s nice only having to take one a day!

Great Value - No Flavor

I had been looking for a vitamin that I only needed to take 1 of a day and that is a decent price. It does not smell or taste at all. Very satisfied and will continue to order and use this product!

Work well so far

I like these vitamins so far. I haven’t had any blood work since I started taking them but they have at least the same levels of all vitamins, minerals, and supplements as the ones that I’ve taken for a while at a lower price. The main negative is that they sometimes make me belch that lovely vitamin flavor. But most capsules do that to me.

Great vitamin buy

The flavor, but other than that it was fine.

keeping up with your vitamins before and after surgery is exceptionally important

keeping up with your vitamins before and after surgery is exceptionally important, I have been told to buy certain brands, and to be careful about buying online because of weaker brands misrepresenting what they are offering. My nutritionist did look over the bottle and gave these a thumbs up. My surgery isn't until March, but I'm trying to get my bod ready and healthier for that target. The capsules seem small and manageable now, but that very well may change when my stomach is the size of an egg! I will report back with my experience after March's surgery!

Cumple con todos mis requerimientos necesarios

Me han funcionado de maravilla. Había tratado diferentes anteriormente, pero estas son las que me han dado mejores resultados

I like one pill a day

Taste terrible



Great vitamins

4 months out from having a VSG and these are the best value in vitamins! Easy to swallow and my blood work came out perfect!

Feeling much better since starting this vitamin

This vitamin is easy to take and seems to be easy to digest. I am very pleased that it seems to be making me feel much better. It is the only change in my meds. I had no idea that there were special meds on the market for people who have undergone bariatric surgery. I had mine 35 years ago and over recent years found that I had iron deficiency and b!2 deficiency. I'm hopeful that I won't have to have future infusions of iron if I take this vitamin on a daily basis. I highly recommend it!

Great multivitamin

Great product. I've taken these for a few months now and my labs have had great results. Easy to swallow pills

Good value but too big.

They are bigger than what I tought or they looked in the picture. But is a good value for the money.

Good quality and price

Same ingredients as the other vitamin I was using but much less expensive.

Save some Money!!!

Price is very good. Seems comparable to another brand I used that was a lot more expensive. Happy so far!


Capsule not too big to swallow! Very fast service!

Glad to be done chewing

My surgeon told me if I could find a "post bariatric multivitamin" with certain amounts of certain vitamins I could stop the chewable and use a regular vitamin. I found it in this Vitamin. I get everything I need and feel great taking it. I haven't had labs done yet, but I have no doubt they will be fine. They are an average size capsule and easy to swallow. I am so glad I am done with chewable multivitamins and iron!!

Good product

Good product it was an easy way to get in my vitamins considering that I had gastric sleeve it's tailored to bariatric patients and that's what I love the most

Well worth it!!

I really like them. They are one a day vitamins,easy to swallow I will continue to buy them!!


I purchased these because I needed to replace the chewable bariatric vitamins that I had been taking for the last 3 or 4 weeks. I had become nauseous chewing the other tablets & needed to find a replacement quick. I chose these because they were a capsule & were a good price for 90 capsules. So far so good. No nausea. Easy to swallow & easily digested. My nails have grown fantastic & all else seems to doing great too.

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