Beard Oil and Wooden Beard Comb Set Reviews

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Five Stars

Great price and quality product.

Five Stars

Absolutely smells good and makes the beard nice and shiny.

his goatee looks much better.

This was a gift for my son. I just know that since he has been using it, his goatee looks much better.

Five Stars

Great product

This is the best by far

I've used several over the years. This is the best by far. Great pine scent and not too oily.

Five Stars

Great product. Greatly reduced my beard "dandruff"! Smells great too.

Great beard oil

Great product. I got this for my husband because he kept scratching his beard. But after using this product, he stopped scratching his beard. And he likes the scent as well. It has a light clove scent. And he said the oil helps his beard to lay flat. Over all, this is a great product.

Really Softens the Facial Hair

Great smell and the oil really softens my husband's long beard. It is best to use after the shower once the beard is wet because it absorbs better. Do not try to use on dry beard hair because it won't soften well. You actually have to open the hair cuticles in order to reap the benefits of this oil (or any oil) I would recommend this to others with long beards. He seems to like the pear wood comb included but like I stated earlier it was easier to use when the hair was wet.

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