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How often do you use it on the hair>?

My scalp is dry and itchy very bad. How often can you use this on the hair? Most of the reviews are about the eyelashes.

Five Stars

great skin care product

Turned out GREAT. My hair was soft

I used this to pretreat my hair before coloring. I lightly coated my hair, massaged it into my scalp, let it sit for 30 minutes, then colored. Turned out GREAT. My hair was soft, silky, and so shiny after coloring. No scalp itching during the coloring process like I usually have and no issues with the color taking hold. Nice oil for a great price! It does have a natural scent but I did not find it unpleasant at all.

Great for dry skin patches in the winter too

This is a large amount of oil since a little goes a long way. I purchased it to hopefully regrow and/or thicken the hair on my eyebrows and eyelashes. (I'm 44 and they have started thinning.) I've only used it for one week so its too early to tell if I'm seeing benefits from that. But what I have found is that I am also using it on my face skin for extra moisture and loving that. My skin has been unusually dry this winter. I have sensitive skin and usually have to be careful of using too much product because I easily breakout in acne. This castor oil isn't presenting that problem at all. It makes my skin feel great.

Five Stars

I love this product! I love the glass bottle and the easy pump. It would be nice if it had a lid for traveling, but the pump seems very sturdy so I don’t think it will be an issue.

Worth using!

I use this castor oil for my lashes and brows. I apply the oil in the evening, about every other night. My brows and lashes look amazing! I’ve been trying to regrow hair in sparse areas of my brows and I’ve definitely noticed a difference. I wouldn’t say that my lashes are longer, but they seem fuller and well conditioned. I can’t say it’s a miracle performer (I wouldn’t expect that), but it’s improved the overall appearance of my eyebrows and lashes.

Luv this product line

I have been using the Argan oil shampoo & conditioner, the cold pressed Argan oil, & the cold pressed Castor oil for a week now & my hair, skin, & eyelashes are amazing! My hair is so soft, shiny,& more healthy looking, My skin feels renewed & more youthful, & my eyelashes are no longer thinning & look fuller. I'm definitly a fan! And my items were paid for by myself so this is my honest review!

Great oil. Great pump.

This is great oil. Love the pump since I'm used to a dropper. I've already reordered. It's great for everything. Har, skin, nails...even got the hubby using it. Great price. Smells a bit earthy but I like the purity. Will give it as a gift. Just reordered the 2 pack. Arrived quickly. Highly recommend!

My miracle

Love, love the wonders Argan oil has to offer. I am 42 going through premenopausal & had the worst acne ever. The damage it left was so embarrassing, I had dark scars all over my face & neck. Since I have started using Argan oil in the morning & evening after I have cleaned my face. My ance & scars are gone!!! I do get a little pimple here & there but nothing like I had prior to using this oil. It may not work for everyone then it has for me but I love it. My skin is firmer & is so bright & vibrant. It has been a blessing. Very happy with the results.

Good to have a product that is just argan oil ...

Good to have a product that is just argan oil and not a combination of various chemicals, fragrance, and a bit of argan oil.

I love it

I'm a man with long hair that was suffering from dry hair. Even with conditioning, my hair was dry and dull looking. I bought Shiny leaf Organic Argon oil and it changed the health and appearance of my hair immediately. Just a few drops brought the color and softness back to my hair. I love it an will definitely order again.


Works great! The ends of my hair were getting a bit dry & crunchy feeling after spending a lot of time in the pool this year. My stylist recommended I apply 1-2 pumps of this (about a quarter-sized amount) to the bottom 6 inches of my hair daily and told me to use a clarifying shampoo once a week (I use a sulfate free Aryan oil shampoo in between). My hair is silky, strong, & beautiful again! I love it!

Great oil and good price

Great oil and good price. Mixed it 50:50 with Jojoba oil and added a few drops of essential oils. I use about 1 ml to help tame the beard, and also, as an added benefit has cleared up all beard itch and dandruff. I use a few drops on my feet at night as well. Never felt smoother, and I can sleep barefoot without dry skin snagging on the sheets (hate that feeling!)

The pump works great

Really large bottle and low price compared to the argan oil I have purchased from online vitamin sites in the past. The pump works great but does give a much larger amount than I was used to. You can just press very lightly if you want less to come out with each pump. This works great for both hair and skin and a little goes a very long way. My new favorite beauty product. I use it on damp hair before blow-drying, and it stops the frizzies better than anything else I have tried (and I have tried a lot). Love it!

Tames my Wild Tresses

I recently purchased Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil. I'm so happy I discovered this product- my hair is extremely thick and has a 'mind of its own'; it has three personalities- wavy, curly and straight. I've put a few drops of the oil in my shampoo; I rub a liberal amount of it into my hair before blow drying/flat ironing it, and I use it as a finishing shine on my hair as well. I am using the oil on my arms and legs as a post-shower moisturizer, however, I can't use it on my face- I broke out like never before! Despite that, I'm a fan and will reorder forever!

Wonderful Argan Oil

Shiny Leaf Argan Oil is terrific. I use it on my hair as a moisturizer. My hair has a beautiful softness and sheen each time I use it. I also put a few drops of this oil on my on my face after washing it. My face feels very soft and supple after I massage the oil in. I will be ordering this product again.

This is my third bottle

Excellent product! This is my third bottle, and I've already seen the difference. My hair is healthier and the thinning areas are filling in nicely. I also use on my very thin eyebrows, but not able to tell if it's growing back as yet.

Frizzy, dry, indistinct curl pattern

Frizzy, dry, indistinct curl pattern...just a few curly girl problems in a lakeside city, on a hot, windy, and humid day. Until I tried the Argan oil!! I washed and dried my hair, applied the Argan oil and let my hair dry. I was pleasantly surprised by how shiny and bouncy my ringlet curls were. They stayed soft and untangled, and the look lasted overnight and into the next day. Definitely feeling the oil and plan to make it a staple in my hair care routine.

Incredible argan oil

The second time I ordered the argan oil. So happy that I choose this product. The oil has a very light natural odor. It makes my skin very soft and moist. I also use it on the ends of my hair what makes them soft and shiny. This bottle is very comfortable to use because of the spray it has. There are so many ways to use this product 😁

Love it!

Argan oil is amazing for the skin. Many of the top beauty brands are now utilizing it as ingredients in their product lines. The best thing about this product is that it has multiple uses. I like to use it as a carrier oil for essential oils. The pump spout makes it so easy to pump the oil directly into my roller bottles, add a drop or two of essential oils and then apply. It is wonderful! It absorbs into the skin quickly and drys fast. I'm very satisfied!

Used it on my dry heels

I have never used Argan oil before now. I didn't think I needed it. All the reviews were talking about how it makes the hair and skin (face, hands, and legs) all nice and smooth. I don't have an issue with my hands and legs until the winter time. However, my feet are a different story. I thought I would try it with my feet. No matter what I do, my heels get dry, immediately. I get a pedicure, and the next day, my heels look like I haven't been to a spa in a week. The only way I can keep them looking smooth and silky is by applying lotion on the day and night. I can remember at night, but then before going to work is tough to remember, and then my feet are slippery. When I tried the Argan oil (I have only been using it for a few days now), my feet look as if they are hydrated for a lot longer, and I only apply it once in the morning, or at night. My feet look nice and smooth. I am going to keep using it. Since it's working this well on my heels, I will use it in the winter.

Leaves skin soft and smooth

I used this Argan oil on my face to help prevent wrinkles and I thought it would be oily and clog up my skin but it did just the opposite it made it smooth and shiny and soft to the touch. You only need a little bit for your whole face a little bit goes along way. You get your money's worth with this product. I can't wait to try it on my hair too. This is the first argan oil product I have tried and I am very happy with the results I definitely recommend it.

Best Argan Oil on the market!!

I absolutely love this product. I am using it on my face as well as my body after showering. Also, works wonders on my hair to control dryness and frizz. My skin is loving this moisturizing oil and I love the effects and lack of greasiness. I live in the desert so my skin is always dry and this is the perfect solution This will be a staple on my shelf.

You need to be patient if you wanna see the actual result.

I bought this oil particularly for my eyelashes as they were falling out a lot and I have heard great things about castor oil.The best part is it comes both with the dropper and mascara wand.I knew I wanted it for my eyelashes so I removed the inner plastic part from actual cap and placed mascara wand securely in the hole there.That served two purposes, first, my wand is always inside the oil itself so I am not always searching for it every time I want to apply castor oil and second I can avoid getting dirt and germ on the wand that would gather if I leave it exposed to the air.I am applying it overtime before going to bed.I just open the cap, wipe extra oil on the wand and apply it directly on my lash.Like any oil castor oil takes a lot of time to show actual results.It's really hard to say if my eyelashes have grown but they don't break anymore for sure.

Not tested on animals

This came quickly and came with an attached dropper and a spare lid. Also, it came with a mascara wand that could also be used on eyebrows. It was sealed securely and the bottle lid was shrink wrapped. It has the USDA seal and one of the EcoCert. It also clearly states that it wasn't tested on animals. I love that! I wanted this product for my hair primarily. The winter months are harsh on my hair. I use a leave-in conditioner when it's especially snarly and freaked out. I added a few drops (maybe 3) to the dollop in my hand and applied and worked it through, like always. It didn't change the smell of my product. However, I did notice a difference in the feel of my hair all day. Not texture so much but like a heavier coating. It didn't feel greasy, just different. I haven't used this on any part of my skin. I have two skin conditions and wanted to run this by my doctor before adding it my regimen. I can't see any harm but since I haven't used it in that manner I can't speak to the uses and benefits. I may update later though. I recommend this product. Yes, it made my hair feel differently but it wasn't terrible or uncomfortable. I think that with regular usage that the benefits would far outweigh the cons.

when I put mascara on the next morning it looks like nice thick lashes

Got this product two weeks ago, what I have noticed is my lashes felt thicker from the first use, every time I use it at nite I put it on lashes, hair and nail beds and everything fills and looks plumper and fuller! The lashes look slightly longer but I just start using it, when I put mascara on the next morning it looks like nice thick lashes and that I like

Works wonders

Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil is so amazing! and its uses are endless. My whole family uses it on their hair and scalp even on our skin. It's lightweight and nourishing. I love it as a hand lotion, a booster for body lotion, and its definitely having an effect on my skin and around my eyes. It's awesome in your hands, because it completely soaks in, leaving no greasy residue. I have eczema it works wonders. I recommend this argon oil, for every whole family

Works for me!

I have had a lot of success using this castor oil on my eyebrows and eyelashes. It works very well for me! I’ve now started to use it on my hair as well! It doesn’t have a scent. A little bit goes a long way, so this bottle will last me a long time! It comes with one applicator. Very pleased with my purchase and will buy again when I run out!

Great for skin!

I started my collection of oil a year ago. I have learned a lot about where to use certain oil. And this argan oil has been great for my skin. Exactly as what was described on the site and that is good. I used this too on my cuticles and it makes a big difference on my nails. I have been using this for 2 weeks now on a regular basis.


I use this on my eyelashes and my eyebrows. The lashes are getting longer and I notice I don't lose as many. My brows are filling in great! It's very thick like warm honey. You need very little. It will last quite a while.

Great for scalp health

For as long as I can remember. I’ve had really dry scalp issues. I’ve tried shampoos both OTC and medicated. But nothing really helped. A friend recommended castor oil so I began checking reviews on Amazon and this one caught my eye. I can see why it has such positive reviews. The bottle allows for both dropper and brush use, but since I was using it on my scalp, I just used the dropper. I applied drops all over my irritating parts of my scalp and massaged in. In just a few days of using it (each day), I have noticed such a difference. I am itching less and certainly not shedding skin or hair like I have been. I’ll be continuing to use and look forward to having not only a healthier scalp but healthier hair as well.

Black girl review

I've always heard how argan oil is great for your hair but every time I would encounter it, it was always more than I wanted to pay. Now, I have never used a pure argon oil product before to compare this to but it was a great price so I decided to get it. My hair loved it, absolutely loved it! I have tight, natural, kinky hair (4C), I applied it after washing my hair and my hair was just so soft without feeling overly greasy. Great product!

Great product!

This Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil is fantastic, and its uses are endless. My husband uses it on his hair and scalp. It's lightweight, yet quite nourishing. He's tried many different products and swears that this is the best one, yet. I love it as a hand lotion, a booster for body lotion, and its definitely having an effect on the crows feet, around my eyes. It's awesome on your hands, because it completely soaks in, leaving no greasy residue. My daughter uses it on my grandson's eczema and says it works wonders. I highly recommend this argon oil, as a must for every household!

I let my hair air dry and then used a straightener and my hair looks great!

I have only used this product once and I already see and feel a difference in my hair. I applied some of this after I got out of the shower (please note a little goes a long way..I used a bit too much) and I can't stop touching my hair. After I applied it, I let my hair air dry and then used a straightener and my hair looks great! Also, I did not need to add anything else to my hair after I used the iron (I usually need a product to tame the flyaway hairs) I also noticed that if I wanted to keep my hair wavy the curls we not frizzy as they usually are. I am excited because the bottle is a good size and now that I know the amount to use this is going to last me a while.

Great purchase with Shiny Leaf!!!

Very happy with this oil. Using it on my face and hands and am really amazed at the progress. Having tried every moisturizer at the beauty counter, health store, including other oils, I gave it a shot. The others all felt great when applied but once my skin was rinsed with water it was back to flaky, rough, and dry. Immediately after applying this oil my skin felt great. Absorbs instantly with no oily feel. After a couple days of use, my skin is actually hydrated and eczema on my hands is 90% less. My face isn't oily anymore, pores are much much smaller,1st time in a decade that I've not had a single zit anywhere!

I love the extras that came with it!

I got this castor oil to try and grow my eyelashes longer and thicker. My eyebrows have really thinned out as of late so I’m using it on them as well. I know that it will take time, but so far so good. I like that this bottle came with a high-quality glass dropper, so I don’t have to make a mess when transferring it to a different container to mix, and the option to change the lid out. And as if they knew what I was going to use it for, it came with an eyelash brush!

Silky and Smooth

I started using this a week ago and can already see results. I have taken before pictures and will in a few weeks with after. So many things to write. Okay first, I have never used castor oil before. I am a huge oil user but have never tried this. The oil is soft and soaks in nicely. I never feel greasy after using it. Which is indicative of a good brand. Second, after a week I can already see growth. As you can see from the pictures my eyelashes are light and practically nonexistent. I can tell they have grown longer and now have a slight curve in them. I am super excited to see what they are like in 2-4 weeks. Third, the picture is off with this product. You can see it shows the oil as orangish. It's a clear color which I prefer because I always worry that color will dye my skin like blue tansy or lemongrass. I love this product and have also started using it on my dog who is having skin issues. He doesn't mind it because it's odorless.

Works Great For Hair

When my son was little all his hair fell out and I used castor oil to help it grow and thicken. My grandbaby is three and has really thin, fine hair that is still really short. I purchased this to help with her hair as her mama refuses to put anything on it and she is with me half the time. I have been putting it on for several weeks. I have noticed her hair is a bit thicker and grown about a 1/4 of an inch already. This can also be used on brows and skin but I have used it in those areas. It is a great formula of the oil and doesn't have a nasty smell either nor is too sticky. I really like it.

Works like magic

I've been applying every night the castor oil on my eyelashes and I began to feel the difference after two days. My eyelashes are a lot thicker and slightly longer. I'm very impressed by the effectiveness of this magical oil. It's a fraction of the cost of the fancy eyelash serums but works faster than the serums.

Happy with my purchase

I use this after washing my face and my hands before bed. I use about 3 drops and it just feels good on my skin. The consistency of this oil is so rich and thick and not greasy at all when it dries. I also put this oil on my dry elbows and they look so much better now and noticeably softer. It moisturizes better than lotion. However, I haven't tried using this on my eyebrows or hair yet as I have oily hair that doesn’t need extra moisturization. Though I like the eyebrow wand that comes with it. What I also love very much about this product is the glass dropper, it makes the application of the oil super easy and mess-free, plus it doesn’t leave a weird smell on my skin. I am happy with this purchase.

I've heard so many good things about castor oil helping with hair growth

Originally bought this product for my eyelashes since I've heard so many good things about castor oil helping with hair growth. But recently had eyelash extensions done, so I'm using it for my hair instead. I didn't want to put it directly on my scalp because I know my hair would get extremely greasy, so I put it in my conditioner instead. I used it as a deep conditioner. I feel like my hair did not tangle as much as it usually does and it dries a little quicker too. I only put a couple of drops in every time I use it so this bottle will last me quite a long time! When the eyelash extensions fall out I'll start using it for my eyelashes too. And this product comes with an eyelash wand so it can be applied pretty easily.

Genius dispenser!

I love the fact that I can limit the amount of oil that is dispensed to as little as just one drop! Yet it works perfectly to fill a roller bottle. I like the control I have in dispensing this product. The oils itself is super nice. No odor at all. It is hydrating, absorbent, and not at all oily. And it's cold pressed. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil for Hair, Face and Body - 100% Pure Morrocan Oil, Natural Moisturizer, Prevents Signs of Aging, Promotes Smooth Hair, Makes Skin Soft and Glowing, Premium Quality 4ozI tried rinsing my hands under warm water, and my hands were still protected. I used Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil right away as the carrier oil in my face serum. I added 4 essential oils and topped the roller bottle off with this lovely Argan Oil. I am very happy that I tried Shiny Leaf! Highly recommended ... and the price is great too.

It works!

Over the years I’ve switched over from using products meant to help hair growth or make my eyelashes longer and hair thicker to natural oils and its one of the best self-care decisions I’ve made. Most argan oils I’ve found are super expensive and there's little product in the bottles so I can’t use it as liberally, this one has a very large bottle that’ll last months. I use the argan oil in my hair and it makes it silky smooth and not only detangles my hair but reduces frizz and helps rejuvenate dry hair. The bottle is kind of a “spray” bottle, where there is a pump that dispenses drops of oil, so it doesn’t waste product. I will definitely be buying this again!

Softer skin and healthier hair

This has been the first argan oil product I have tried. I was very happy with it. It has left my skin softer and more supple. I have been applying it after I shower. It leaves my legs nice and shiny without feeling greasy. It also helps seal in the moisture. The oil absorbs quickly and doesn't leave your skin tacky or sticky. It has a unique scent I can't seem to pinpoint. it isn't overwhelming but it is noticeable. I have also tried the oil on my dry ends. It has helped my hair a great deal. it made it less dry and helped seal in the moisture. my ends don't look as damaged.They are also softer too. The bottle I was sent has a pump head which is great because it gives you control.

i love this oil

this argan oil is great. the quality of the oil is one of the highest I've ever come across. I was able to use this oil every day on my skin, hair, nails, brows, lashes, and lips with no irritation or greasy feeling. it did not feel heavy on my skin. It helped my hair skin and nails feel strong and conditioned. It tamed my frizz in my hair and the design of the bottle makes it easy to dispense without making a mess.

Nurses hand help! Conditions hair nicely too.

No smell! Works great on nurse hands (tons of hand washing and antibacterial hand rubs = DRY cuticles and nails), absorbs in quickly. Warning, don't put two pumps on your dry (long) hair... Should have read the Q&A first, haha... now to be fair, that is entirely my fault for putting it on dry hair right before walking out the door. Of course it made my hair look greasy, so I quickly threw in a ponytail and went to work. It was fine. No flyaways! But here's the kicker. When I got home I took a shower and washed my hair, and today my hair is soft and conditioned! The argan oil washed right out, but it left my hair feeling fantastic. Next time I will follow the advice to add maybe 1 pump to my shampoo instead of putting it on dry hair, at least if I'm on my way to town. I'd recommend this for an occasional deep condition on a weekend.

Keeps My Skin Soft and Hydrated

I love argan oil and have been using it happily since I discovered it a few years ago. It is a great, natural and gentle skin moisturizer but I've also used a few drops in my damp, just washed hair prior to blow drying/straightening/styling. I'd recently run out of my prior bottle and needed to make another purchase. Since I was already a fan of Shiny Leaf, I decided to get this bottle. I love that it's a spray bottle, which makes obtaining the oil easy and you don't get too much. Once again, my skin is soft and supple. I've used this on a couple of areas of eczema and I apply this to my son's hands at bedtime to prevent chapping and soreness. The argan oil is light and feels great on the skin. I've used it alone but also added a spritz to my favorite body lotion. Why? It makes the lotion last longer and gives the skin much more moisture without any greasy feeling. Shiny Leaf is a great brand, too. Just like their other products that I have, this one is made with organic ingredients, is kind to the environment, and is cruelty-free. YAY. A skincare product I can feel good about using.

This stuff is amazing!

This organic oil not only makes my hair feel very soft and leave my face and body looking and feeling like I feel younger and so much softer... my boyfriend just came in and said his ankles couldn't quit itching we had been camping all weekend so I told him to spray some of this oil on them and it took the itch away completely! This organic oil does so many things...

No more dry skin

When I opened my box I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the bottle. There are so many uses for castor oil, so this will last me a while. I have sensitive skin so I wanted to give this organic product a try. I immediately used it on my knees and elbows as they are very dry, now they stay soft and smooth all day. The product is thick but doesn't smell or leave your skin sticky or greasy. I also use it on my lashes (it comes with a wand) and brows to help stimulate hair growth. I do know that the results will not be immediate but I have faith that with a regiment (I apply nightly before bed), that I am sure to see results soon. This product is well worth a try!

Works on nails and eyelashes awesomely!

The product arrived promptly, I have tried this on my eyelashes and my nails. My nails are VERY lustrous even with nothing on them, and I am already noticing a change in my eyelashes, they seem to have grown again half as much, I will definitely continue to use this, and would recommend this to anyone that would like healthier eyelashes and fingernails,!

A little goes a long way

This is a giant bottle of oil. It comes in a neat little box together with a dropper and an eye lash want. The formula is nongreasy and has no odor. Castor oil has a number of great benefits for skin and hair. I have been using it as part of my night time routine. All you need is a small amount on a cotton ball and applied to the skin or massaged on to the scalp. Castor oil is known to stimulate collagen production which is good to fight wrinkles. Not only does it moisturize the skin, it can help grow thick lush eye lashed and thick shiny healthy hair. This bottle will definitely last a very long time.

Argan Oil

I have purchased products from Shiny Leaf before and have always been pleased with their products. I purchased this argan oil for a couple of reasons. One was for my skin to help fight wrinkles and fine lines on my face. I also like argan oil for my hair since it is frizzy and course to help with the frizz and split ends and to help my hair look healthier. I also saw in one of the reviews that this help you eyelash growth so plan to try it for that also.

Helps well with Hair Loss

I have been having issues with losing my hair for over 10 years. I started to look for natural ways to deal with the hair loss. I found that Castor oil was a really good carrier oil to mix with Cedarwood for helping hair to grow back. I also use castor oil to make my eyelash boost serum with Cedarwood and Lavender. Sometimes I also add Rosemary Essential oil for more stimulation. I take a full dropper of castor oil mixed with 1 drop of Cedarwood and apply to the areas of hair loss or thinning. If I want to treat my whole scalp I use about 4 droppers of cedar wood and 4 drops of cedarwood. I leave it on for 30 minutes minimum before washing, but try to leave it on as long as possible. I massage it into my scalp to give my scalp some extra stimulation. This has worked really well for me and I am so happy that I have found a great way to treat for a small cost.

Highly Recommend this Castor Oil

I purchased this castor oil for a couple of reasons. I wanted to use it for some dry skin patches. Also, I was looking to use it in my beauty routine on my eyebrows. Finally, I figured I could use this as a carrier oil for my essential oil collection. So far, I've used it on dry skin - it works great to nourish my skin and make it less itchy. Secondly, I've been using a very tiny amount to "set" my eyebrows after I've put my makeup on. It keeps them from becoming crazy looking. A teeny amount is all that is needed. I must say, I've become a recent fan of Shiny Leaf products. They don't contain any unnecessary additives and are cruelty-free, which means a lot to me. If I can use a product that doesn't hurt other living creatures and it's superior to what else is out there, then I'm going to be using it. Finally, when the winter comes, I'll be adding a few drops of this castor oil to my regular hand lotion to use before bedtime for added moisturizing and softness.

Great for eyelashes and eyebrows!

I purchased this organic castor oil a few days ago because I was reading online and learned that applying castor oil on your eyebrows and eyelashes makes them thicker. I was willing to give it a try since I wanted my eyebrows and lashes to look thicker. I have been applying this castor oil every night before bed because it does make you feel oily but I've been applying every night for a few days now and I can truly say that I have seen some improvements with my eyelashes and eyebrows. I also love that this bottle of castor oil came with a small brow brush making it easier to apply the oil on your eyelashes and eyebrows! If you want fuller and ticket lashes or eyebrows, this castor oil can do the job!

Organic Castor Oil

In my opinion, this is high-quality Castor Oil. I have a dry scalp, this helps stop my dry scalp, and the itching that comes along with it. This Castor Oil also helps with my dandruff and split ends. There is a mascara wand that comes with this Castor Oil, that makes it easy to apply the oil on my lashes and brows. I use my Organic Castor Oil on my hair for regular maintenance. I put in my hand and massage into my scalp down through the ends of my hair. A few drops are all I need. It absorbs quickly feeling the natural and light weight. I would recommend.

Clear and thick oil!

There isn’t an overwhelming aroma in this bottle of castor oil, but it still has a natural scent. They’ve included an extra storage cap for you if you don’t plan on using the oil for awhile. There is also a brush for eye lashes included in the package if that’s your area of desired hair growth. The oil is very thick, you only need a few drops on your palm and use your finger tips to spread them on your eyebrows. It is also just clear and transparent, great for moisturizing the skin. I suppose the results vary on every individual, but it doesn’t hurt for a try right?

I've found my beauty product!!!

I received my product and I love it! The easy way to look much more attractive. This oil is not expensive, but efficient. I apply it on my eyelashes and feel satisfied with the result. I couldn't imagine that my almost invisible eyelashes would look so good after just a week of using this castor oil. I was very concern using oils due to their grease feeling and uncomfortable texture, but this castor oil feels different, the texture is pleasant. The oil is very gentle on the skin and it also cause the hair strand to grow faster. The oil itself comes with one brush for the eyelashes and eyebrows and one glass dropper. When I started using it, I decided to google some more information about it. It turns out, castor oil can reduce bags under the eyes. I was skeptical about this statement, but I thought it would be worth of trying. It's been already 10 nights. Girls, it looks like a miracle! I already see the first results. It works! Nature is full of surprises. I've found my beauty product.

eyelash health serum

Clean, thick, and fragrance-free. I bought this to make an eyelash health serum with my essential oils. It doesn't drip into my eyes, so I'm pleased with that. Love how the product comes in a bottle with a dropper. Also, love the extra mascara brush and mini brush that can change up the method of applying the oil. I am enjoying the feel of this on my brows each night. Very nice product - I love that it's organic, and the eyebrow and eyelash brush is a bonus that came with this. Very happy with it and looking forward to using this every far I love using it every night.

Good for hair and nails

I first bought this for the hair loss/growth benefits of castor oil however it seemed to be too thick/sticky to use straight so I started using it on my cuticles. It moisturizes my nails and seems to strengthen them while helping them grow. I recently looked into how other people have used castor oil for hair growth without getting the sticky and hard to get out results. I found an article that said to just do a hair mask of coconut oil (or other oil) with the castor oil then using a conditioner mask for about 10 minutes to break down the castor oil so it's easier to get out of your hair. I've only tried the second way a few times now so I haven't seen any noticeable results. I'll update if I do.

I ditched my mascara and use this! Here is how I did it!

I recently purchased the Shiny Lead argan oil shampoo and I absolutely love it! I told my girlfriend about it and she said she uses this Castor Oil by the same company. Her eyelashes are long and thick and very pretty. She swears by this stuff and said she saw her eyelashes began to grow very quickly with this. Not only in length but in thickness as well. Her reasoning on this brand over the others was the same reason I got their shampoo. No harsh chemicals and no contaminants and the real deal. So here I am. When I got the bottle I was very surprised at how big it was. This is not the normal 1-ounce bottle I am used to. I have a picture so you can see just how big the difference it is. This 4-ounce bottle will last a long time! Now, the mascara and I have never really gotten along. I have very oily skin and mostly run. The ones that don't run are extremely hard to wash off at night before bed. When I applied this to my eye lashes I noticed how dark and thick it made them look. To my pleasant surprise, it lasted all most all day! So guess what? I ditched my mascara and wear this daily instead. It is nice knowing that what I am wearing is actually helping my lashes and looks good too! Now in all honesty for special evenings and what not, I still occasionally put the mascara on as it is a bit darker. But that is rare! I use this daily now and love it. It is too early to tell if my lashes are growing but even if they don't, I love the way it makes my lashes look and knowing I am giving them something pure and healthy! Now I am a neat freak and this stuff is thick. You can make a mess quick. There are cap and mascara brush that comes with this. I was dripping this on my counter and told my husband to find a way to use this cap and mascara brush and join them. He took out the rubber seal under the cap and used an ice pick to make a hole and put the brush in the hole until it was firm. Placed the seal back under the cap and perfect! Works great with no more mess! Here is how I have learned to do it. Put it on the first thing to let it dry a bi t before other makeup. Your powder will stick to it! RUB RUB RUB the mascara brush against the top of the bottle to get as much excess off as you can! When you apply it, you will actually see little drops on your lashes of the oil. Use your thumb and fore finger to lightly pinch the excess off your lashes! And then your good for the whole day with dark pretty lashes! So yes I give this all 5 stars and am so glad I found it! Beats mascara any day and who knows my lashes could grow too! It is a win win! Great price for me too! I hope you found this helpful!

Best stuff I've found so far

I was skeptical, considering the reviews saying it grew eyelashes overnight... however, I'm on week 3 of using it on my face and hair every night, and I have to say I started noticing my eyelashes were growing longer by week 2, my skin is soft & little wrinkles around my eyes & on forehead are less noticeable. One note for new users, however: you can rub this stuff all over your face to use as a moisturizer, on top of whatever you use normally for acne, etc., and it will not break you out as long as you go over your face afterward with tissue or towel to remove the extra oil. It actually has HELPED my acne, which is very strange to me, considering it's an oil. I can't tell if the hair on my head is any thicker or not, but it is well moisturized! I'm kicking my old expensive moisturizers & treatments to the curb - this is way cheaper and works MUCH better.

I also have been using this on my palms as alcohol rub really dries out the skin on my hands and it's great!

I have been using this product for a few weeks now and I have definitely noticed a difference in the thickness of my eyelashes. It comes with a lash brush and a little bit goes a long way! I also have been using this on my palms as alcohol rub really dries out the skin on my hands and it's great! One drop of this absorbs into my skin and it feels like it seals in the moisture. It isn't too oily and it's scent-free. I love that it's organic and it is definitely excellent quality. Very happy with this purchase.

Loving the Results

I have read articles about using castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows. I decided to try doing this and was amazed at how well it worked. I bought a well-reviewed brand and love using it. I have empty mascara tubes that were ordered before and have been waiting to put the castor oil in one and try it. When I did my eyelashes seemed a lot smoother and less tangled. I also am going to try it on my hair and skin. My eyebrows are very thin too. I applied the castor oil to them and am waiting for results. I only started using it on my eyebrows recently. I figured if it's working for my thin eyelashes this should be successful too. Glad I bought this product.

perfect for my eyelashes

I have been using a lash extension product that is a little over $50 for a fraction of an ounce. It worked well but I realized after a while I got to a point that I saw no more improvement. I stopped using the other product and started using Castor oil for the last week. I feel like my eye lash growth started to pick up again. I use it at night because it is an oil and I want to be able to apply makeup in the mornings. I also like that this can be used for more than just my eye lashes. I have used it in both my shampoo and also straight on my hair after it is wet and before I brush it out. A tip --- use a little bit each time because a little goes a long way. It will also last a very long time because it is several ounces instead of a fraction of an ounce.

Organic is always a plus!

I love castor oil! It has a plethora of great uses. I like that Shiny Leaf included a brush to apply to the eyebrows and lashes as well as a dropper. There was not a strong fishy smell which was a pleasant surprise for me. The consistency is thick so upon application, you shouldn't need much.

I love it!

I have begun to make a conscious effort to live a more natural lifestyle. I had heard about castor oil being great for hair growth, enhancing the color vibrancy in your hair, and for deep skin moisturizer and desired to try it but with so many options out there I wasn't sure which direction to go in. Shiny Leaf makes a Cold Pressed Organic Castor Oil which I had the opportunity to try for my honest review and I am glad I did. With your purchase, you receive a 4 fl. oz of oil, a dropper, an extra lid that can be used in place of the dropper, and a mascara or eyelash wand. The oil is rather thick so I did not want to place it directly on my hair with the thought it may make it appear greasy, but I put a drop into my conditioner while showering and what a difference it made. My hair feels soft and appears more healthy with just one use. I did test this on my skin as well but instead of using a carrier I put the oil on independently. It felt very heavy on my skin initially but about an hour later it felt like it had better absorbed and was not as sticky feeling. I also used it for cuticle care- boy this stuff is versatile! On to eyelashes.. for long-term growth effects you should apply this oil regularly, so I cannot say for sure if it is effective in that perspective yet, however, I am extremely hopeful! I would highly recommend this brand of castor oil and recommend that you experiment with it, adding it to different carriers such as shampoo, conditioner, or lotion, to enjoy the full effects!

I have always heard great things about castor oil but never had a chance ...

I have always heard great things about castor oil but never had a chance to try it! There's no odor to it at all but it's much thicker than I expected. I'm used to bio oil, which has the consistency similar to baby oil. I hope this will help with lash growth. I previously used Latisse, but that can get pricey. I did try it on my feet and it did wonders! I pumiced my foot a little too much and it got pretty dry. I had tried baby, coconut, and olive oil. None of those did a thing. Then I tried castor and it was back to normal!

Huge Difference in Eczema!

I recently became aware of all the benefits and uses of castor oil and was intrigued to try it for several reasons. First, I wanted to try it on my eczema. Within the past year, I have been suffering from patches of eczema and the itching drives me crazy! I have the worst patch on the palm of my hand and now my scalp. I really wish I had taken a before photo of my palm because the difference is remarkable! It was to the point of breaking open and even bleeding at times. The skin has healed so much in the past few days that I am amazed. The itching has reduced by at least 90%. I simply use the included dropper to apply a few drops to my palm and rub it in. I have done this three times a day for 3 days now and it already shows an amazing improvement. The second reason was for my scalp, as well as my hair. As stated above, my scalp has become very dry and itchy. I can literally peel scabs off my scalp. At 41 years old, this condition only recently surfaced and I have been at a loss at what to do. I have tried absolutely everything to soothe and help heal it. The only thing that has worked was when I am prescribed Prednisone. Obviously, this is not the best choice because of all the side effects. I have been applying this castor oil to my scalp before bedtime. It is a little sticky and very thick. I do it at bedtime so it can remain for several hours and because I don't care what I look like at that time. It hasn't miraculously cured my scalp issue but it has definitely helped. It seems as though it is fighting it. At least I am no longer scratching my head 24/7. Due to the scalp issue, my hair has stopped growing. So I also apply a few drops to the hair strands. I haven't noticed a difference yet but am sure it is going to take a few weeks to show results for growth. Finally, I wanted to try this to have on hand for any joint pain, an anti-fungal, and to apply it to my eyelashes. This oil comes with a mascara brush making it very convenient to apply. I would love my lashes to be fuller and thicker and have been faithfully using it every day. Based on my personal results, I highly recommend this oil to anyone suffering from a similar skin condition. I can vouge firsthand that this stuff makes a huge difference in dry skin and reduced itching tremendously!

This Oil is great for Everything!

Back in the day, people used castor oil for literally everything. As a kid, you think of things like this as old wives tales, but using Castor Oil, good, quality Castor Oil, is far from a tale. This has been great in helping my edges to fill back in, moisturizing and growing my overall hair, lashes and brows. I love that it comes with a brush that can easily be used for my brows, lashes or edges. On top of all of this, the Shiny Leaf Castor Oil is specifically a Premium quality, organic, cold pressed brand, which speaks volumes to value that this particular brand brings over others, as it brings comfort to being digested as a natural laxative, being used on babies, antibiotic and overall skin care. HIGHLY recommend this product for everyday use.

Good, Quality Oil

I've used one other castor oil before, and it honestly doesn't compare to the quality of Shiny Leaf's castor oil. From the first application (I used on my face and eyelashes), you can tell a little goes a super long way! The oil is thick, but not too thick if that makes sense. It absorbs well. I had never used castor oil as a moisturizer, but decide to give this a try over the course of several days. I was pleased. My primary use will be for my eyelashes (which the eyelash brush that comes with the oil is handy for). But there are so many other options for it. You can really tell this is a quality oil. I also think it's worth noting that this oil comes with a spooly brush for eyelash application and a lid to put on the bottle if you won't be using the dropper. A couple of nice little additions. ((Tip for using this oil on eyelashes: Because this oil is slightly thick, I find that a little goes a long way. It's hard to get just a little oil on the brush, so it works out good to dip the brush in once and apply to both eyelashes, then go behind that application with a dry brush to spread the oil out evenly on lashes. Maybe the company could consider including two little spooly brushes?))

Castor oil for hair and skin

I made this purchase because I was hearing everyone say how great this product was and wanted to give it a try, well i was hesitant to use it on my eyelashes, so I tried it on my skin, it's not greasy feeling and does leave your skin soft so I tried it in my eyebrows and lashes and well I can't say that they've grown but I can say that my brows look great and hope that with continued use I can see a better difference I also use it on my grandson who has a dry scalp.

Happy with oil, good price

This castor oil smells and feels the same as the more expensive castor oil brands I have purchased over the years. It is organic, hexane free and cold pressed, all of which are important to me when I'm buying something that will be put on my skin and hair. What sets this one apart for me is the bottle. I appreciate the dropper type bottle instead of the pump because it is easier to have an open bottle if you use your castor oil in large amounts for making castor oil packs or hair treatments. The dropper is also pretty useful for measuring the amount of castor oil to be used in a treatment. I am completely satisfied with this brand of castor oil, the bottle it comes in and the price.

I'm so satisfied I got this organic castor oil as it feels ...

I'm so satisfied I got this organic castor oil as it feels so smooth and even smells good , I was referred by a friend who got it and it really works even I was so skeptical at first but this one is the best as my eyelashes feel so soft and conditioned , I just started using it and I can feel the difference already, not like the ones that are very thick and sticky, best castor oil so far

i actually like it

I do actually like the organic castor oil. I only use it on my hair that's why I bought it. It doesn't have a strong smell. It's a bit thick and little tacky but I just combat that by rubbing the oil on my scalp and I did see hair growth. I just started to use this oil like 3 days ago plus I take 20,000 mcg biotin Daily so I don't know if it's the biotin or the oil. Either way, I like to use both of these at the same time. Also, you do get a lot for 12 bucks so I do recommend this if you are looking for an oil for overall hair strength and if you don't like it for your hair you can use it for your skin so it won't be a total waste of your money.

great for hair

I was looking for something to nourish my eye lashes since I pull them out in my sleep or when I'm anxious. I had never used or has any experience with castor oil, but I heard it was good for lashes. When I tried it, I noticed that it smelled a little like olive oil, which is a light scent for me. The oil is fairly thick and I'm glad it came with a mascara type wand. I made sure to apply the oil to the wand then wipe most of it off so it was dripping or that it wouldn't clump up or drip on my lashes. I used it on my lashes and brows and noticed they felt soft and smooth. I also used some to smooth out the frizz from my thick wavy latina hair, and it felt great. A little goes a long way, so I only needed a couple of drops.

Many health benefits... organic

My grandmother used to use castor oil for absolutely everything and I thought to myself what is the castor oil that such a health benefit? So I did a little research and found that organic cold pressed castor oil is the best so I wanted to try this. As I get older my hair gets thinner and rubbing this in the scalp neutralizes the pH balance of some of the harsh shampoos and stuff that we use during the day. I have noticed a difference. Also works for eyelashes eyebrows and dry skin.The oil is also high in vitamin E, minerals, proteins and other nutrients that are beneficial to skin and hair. Good size bottle as well.

Organic and pure castor oil

castor oil is my number one product I use for my hair care. Recently I bought Shiny leaf castor oil. It nourishes and strengthens hair. And you can achieve longer healthier hair faster. After pregnancy, I face hair loss problem and this oil helps me in restoring and stopping my hair fall. Great for split ends too? I apply it on my lashes and brows as well. The applicators that come with the oil make my life easier.

Goes on smooth and not greasy!

So I ordered this organic castor oil from Shiny Leaf, out of curiosity. I have very sensitive skin and can only use natural products and see as castor oil is natural and organic, I gave it a try. It comes in a dark glass bottle with a glass dropper, this tells me it's authentic. It also has a flat lid if you don't need the dropper. It has the consistency of honey but not sticky and not runny. It also has no smell. You only need a few drops for your whole face and neck, I used three drops. It goes on your skin very smooth and it absorbs quickly into your skin. It's not the SLIGHTEST bit greasy. I decided to use it as my only moisturizer for the day. My skin remained soft and supple the whole day and I didn't break out. Some oils and creams will either leave your skin feeling heavy and greasy or tight and dry. This castor oil is FANTASTIC and I will be using it everyday! It also comes with a wand for your eyelashes. I was leery about trying this so close to my eyes but because it's not runny and you only need a LITTLE bit, I just might see if I can grow my lashes :)

Castor Oil in my Natural Bug Repellent Recipe Here

This castor oil is awesome! The thickness is perfect as a carrier oil for my Natural Bug Repellent. I am so pleased with it I decided I should share it here. The castor oil comes with a great eyelash brush and a glass dropper. I use disposable droppers when using my essentials oils into a roller or spray bottle. I doubled the recipe for the spray bottle that I had. I put in the 3 Tablespoons of water, 2 teaspoons of castor oil and 20 drops each of thyme and lemongrass essential oils. Shake it lightly before spraying it on. My husband loves to spray it on before mowing the lawn. We love the smell and appreciate the effectiveness. The thick castor oil works perfectly in it! I hope it helps you.

Miracle in a bottle!!!

I'm usually a skeptic when it comes to different "miracle" products that are supposed to help hair growth, but I was so wrong. This product, literally within two weeks of consecutive application to my eyebrows and eyelashes, has caused significant growth. So many people thought that I had done something to them, like mascara or false lashes, but this is the only product I had been using on them. My eyebrows are nice and thicker and they are not patchy anymore, and my lashes are much stronger and longer. The bottle is convenient and comes with a dropper and an applicator mascara bristle brush so it's easy to apply. Will definitely be purchasing again.

Love love love it

After pregnancy, I started losing some hair and lost shine in my hair. My hair started becoming dull and lifeless coz of all hormones. So my friend suggested me to try castor oil and this oil work wonders, it just revives ur hair. I have been using castor oil mixed with my coconut oil before every wash and I see new growth and now my hair looks shiny and healthy. I feel this oil does wonders to the scalp. It's all natural, no side effects and just all good for ur hairs. It comes with one eye brush and a dropper. I just started using this on my eyebrows and eyelashes too and will update this review soon.

This is a must have!

This is what I like to call a miracle in a bottle. I didn't even notice how many uses there were for this Castor oil. A few drops go a long way. So far I have used it on my friend's hair (her hair has a straw like texture) and my eyelashes. I can't wait to explore the other uses. In just one use on my friend's hair, there was a major improvement . while I was applying it to my hands to put in her hair it felt sticky but once in her hair, it didn't feel sticky in her hair or on my hands. I didn't even need or wash my hands after. No strong odors either. It also didn't leave her hair feeling greasy! When I used it on my eyelashes it did bead up so I do recommend putting the beads off with something. I wore it on my eyelashes all day with no issues. Just please keep in mind A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! There's no need to overdo this product. Try this out and I am sure you will be as happy as we are. We went into this skeptical and came out believers. The company was great to work with and very fast at shipping and responding to any questions I had. This is a must have product!

Love 100% Natural products!!!!

I really appreciated everything that is 100% natural, especially if I am going to be using it on my face. I really love this oil - rich in the ingredient. I am trying out this natural castor oil for my eyelashes and my eyebrows. This castor oil comes with a dropper so you can take out the oil and use as many drops as you need to. It comes with two eyelashes brush and three other applicators. I absolutely like this oil and the benefits.

Works great on my skin

This castor oil is a bit different from others I have tried. I liked it because it absorbs quickly and does hydrate and nourish my skin. I have been using it on my feet and body after showering. It works great. I have noticed it is softening my callouses along with the soles of my feet as well. I have also applied a small amount to the tips of my wet hair and have seen some improvements as well.


I love good cold pressed castor oil! This is great stuff. I put the dropper in and rubbed my big pregnant belly, and it worked great. So far I have used this on my skin and hair, and I love it. I def like the dropper as it controls how much I get, a little goes a long way. I have bought a lot of castor oil, and this is def some good stuff.

I just love using castor oil as part of my beauty regime

I just love using castor oil as part of my beauty regime. It makes my eyelashes thicker and longer, it moisturizes my skin and a tiny amount applied throughout my hair (especially the ends), keeps my hair looking really healthy, shiny and thick. It's really great as an all over body moisturizer too especially during winter time when skin is at it's driest.

Better Hair And an extra tip

My hair is now thicker, longer and softer. I use it every day before going to bed. And the bottle is so huge. It lasts a long time and it has a pleasant smell. If you have callouses on your feet, rub this into the area and put on some socks. Dead skin will disappear in a short time.

Amazing for all skin types

My wife got a chance to test out this castor oil product for her eyelashes and her face. She's loving it, her eyelashes are now fuller than ever with only using it for two weeks. And she used the castor oil as a face serum and her face has cleared up and has a loving glow to it. So I took a try to it since my face was breaking out and I was always looking exhausted. Well, who knew that I since stopped breaking out and I got a nice glow. great for anyone to use.


Hi guys I bought it after a friend recommends me bout this oil and went to camping for the memorial weekend! I came back with dry lips and face. Tried this oil and it works right away. The skin feels smooth and better after first time me using it !! Highly recommended.

Great product! So many usages in one bottle.

I love this castor oil! It's a very large amount and it really goes a very long way. I moisturize my face and the back of my arms with it and a small amount is all I need. It's making my skin very smooth and healthy looking. Great product!

Loving this everyday!

Best natural option for moisture, makeup removal, hair growth, etc.I truly love using this daily to take my makeup off and give my skin a good moisture shield. It has a great natural nutty smell and is easy to get the perfect amount with the dropper. I also appreciate that this comes with an eyelash applicator so you can use it for all the great results. No complaints and my skin, hair, and eyelashes are glowing! Cat approves as well haha

Will order again!

I love this Castor Oil! Been using for a while...and I can totally tell the difference in my hair and lashes! After my daughter was born, my hair started thinning a lot. I decided to try this and it worked! Then I decided to try it on my lashes and they look great! Love that this comes with a convenient little brush to make the application easy!

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