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Good value

Great product!

overall hair health

So far so good. I just got this within a week or little more. It seems to do what its intended to do. My hair is a little longer, so it takes a bit more condition to soften and get my hair to absorb. I find leaving the conditioner in for about 3 to 4 minutes seems to help. Overall, I am pretty happy with this product. I was using Nioxin for some years now, and find its ok. Not all the hype Nioxin puts out. Maybe it was better years back before P&G took over.


Excellent product.

Soft and nice.

My husband and I both like this shampoo and conditioner. Our hair is soft and manageable. Too early to tell if it’s slowing the hair loss.

I love how it cleans my extremely oily hair.

Used twice so far. I absolutely love how it cleans my utterly oily hair. I have been experiencing some serious shedding, but I have already seen a difference in the feel of my scalp. It feels clean and fresh. The smell is a faint beautiful herbal scent. I love it. These products are amazing. I look forward to seeing more results, so I will do an update review later on. Thank you for making such great products.

DHT Blockers really work

Unfortunately I am not one of the lucky people who have thick and full hair. I saw a huge difference already after the first use. I am a person who believes it after I see it. There was also less hair in the tub strainer. I am using the DHT Blocker Shampoo and Conditioner since 2 weeks. I have to wash my hair at night and it looks like I have more volume when I get up. There is also less hair in my brush. I have tried so many different shampoos etc but nothing worked for me. So I went ahead to do my research on DHT Blockers. And this stuff is amazing. I wish they would have a DHT Blocking Detangler Spray or leave in conditioner since my hair gets tangled after washing it especially when I use sulfate free products. I am glad I finally found a reliable product line that suits my needs.

Shiny Leaf vs Advanced Hair Restoration

I purchased this DHT blocker set after trying advanced hair restorations and the ingredients are nearly the same but shiny leaf conditioner lathers much better. Shiny leaf does have more of a cologne scent instead of a eucalyptus scent but it's also about a quarter of the price. Overall I satisfied with the value

Package damaged

Shampoo was damaged. Cap was broken off and shampoo was in the envelope.

Love it !!

I love this shampoo and conditioner.. it makes my hair so soft and easy to come . I use it every other day and that works for me . I cant wait to see if it helps with my thinning hair. I highly recommend this product.


Works well and thick

Great product for my hair, Fine wavy, Colored hair!

Loved the product, totally changed the texture of my hair. My color has lasted longer and my hair is always shiny, but it has actually made it more shiny, with more body!

Will stop hair shedding!

My hair stopped falling out. I didn’t believe anything less then a prescription would work. My DHT is definitely high and my hair would still be falling out with out this...at least for the next month or so if you get my drift!

Hair feels great!

Makes my hair very easy to comb thru after washing and conditioning it. Love the way it smells and my hair feels softer.

Good product

Great scent

Thank you Shiny Leaf!

Very good shampoo and conditioner. I am not balding but I wanted something that would benefit me in the long run. My hair pretty thick to begin with but it seemed like every other shampoo was making my scalp dry. Not this one! Seriosuly it doesn't matter if you're balding or not, I recommend this for anyone.

Great shampoo and conditioner!

I have used many different brands of shampoo (including salon brands) for increased volume or hair regrowth. The difference in this brand and the others is the condition of my hair. Typically volumizing products leave my hair dry and brittle due to the amount of protein in the products. My hair is baby fine and dry and brittle means breakage. With the Shiny Leaf my hair has body with no or very little styling products. I am amazed. As for the regrowth or dht block, I feel it must be working due to the look and feel of my hair. I started using this in early January 2020. I will continue to use this and am ordering the Biotin shampoo to give it a try.

Worth a shot

Product is wonderfully packaged. Came as described.

I took a step to try a product line that I feel confident in it’s ingredients and integrity.

Liked the product a lot. Shedding lessened immediately with no visual noticeable tell-tell signs that I’m used to.Love the scent and moisture after first use.

I like it a lot

I have been using this combo for a few weeks now and 1.) I love the scent of both shampoo and conditioner, 2.) my hair does look thicker and stronger as I am not losing as much in my comb, and 3.) it has great lather and ads shine to your hair. Can't say it has grown any new hair, but it is a process and I am 5 star happy with my purchase.

I'm not loosing any more hair!

I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about 5 or 6 weeks now. I noticed a big change in hair shedding after the second or third time I used the product. I am very happy because I was getting quite concerned about the hair loss. My hair is softer and has more shine. It seems like I have more hair but it might just be wishful thinking; I'll know better in a couple of months. All in all, I would recommend this.The fragrance is very light and pleasant. I'll be buying more!

Leaves my hair clean and reduces loss

I am very happy with this set. With all the other shampoos I have used that don’t have sulfates I had to wash my hair twice in a single shower to get it fully clean. This shampoo leaves my hair clean with just one wash. I also only lose about 5-15 hairs per wash. In the past I was losing chunks of hair.

Hair. Grow!

I am going to say that it is a little too early for me to tell how it is working but a little over two weeks in already I've been told in my hair is starting to look a little more thicker and I really do enjoy the moisturizing effect that the conditioner provides, so let's see what my hair is going to be like later on this year so I can update my review. But so far so good and I am keeping my faith on this product 😊

Seems to be a very good product

I've only been using this product for about a week, so I can't say if it helps with thinning hair. However, I have tried several shampoos and conditioners for thinning hair. None have helped. One product actually caused more hair loss and one left my hair feeling like straw. This is the first product that I have used with DHT blocker and I'm hoping it helps. I really don't notice much of a scent while I'm using the shampoo and conditioner, but my hair smells great when it dries. It isn't strong and overpowering; just very nice. The conditioner leaves my hair tangle free and soft. As I said, I haven't been using this product long enough to comment on results of thinning hair, but it seems to be a very good shampoo and conditioner with some good natural oils.

Works well

I like what it has done for my hair, I’ll continue to use it as well as try their other products

Hands Down Best Products For Thin Lifeless Hair

My hair is super thin and I have very little of it. It seems I've spent my entire life looking for a product that will add body and life to my hair. One use of this shampoo & conditioner changed everything! This product is by far the best I have found, it does the job of shampoo, conditioner, root lift and body building. Truly! I have absolutely no affiliation with this product or any people associated with this company. This is an honest and true review!

Too early for results

Not sure this product works I've only had it 3 days but I love the way my hair feels after using it. Still hopeful

Soft and thick

Hair feels so thick and soft

A Definite Difference

The second time I used this, I could definitely tell a difference. My hair appears thicker and fuller than it did using my prior shampoo and conditioner. The fragrance is not a turn-off like other DHT blocking shampoos I've tried. I'll be a repeat customer.

Good product!!

First time user, but love how it makes my hair feel.

My hair feels great!

Would buy again! Hair looks fuller.

It works....

I am struggling with hair loss due to a thyroid problem, since I started using this product I am now seeing very little hair loss. It really has helped. I highly recommend this product.

Does what it says it’s going to do!

Love this product so far. The scent is great and the softness and shine it’s brought to my hair has been amazing. I do feel like it has helped with hair fall as well, so far so good! I do intend to keep purchasing this product.

Leaves my hair so shiny!

So far so good. I love how my hair feels and looks.

It’s worth it!

nice product!

It's worth a shot

The price is good, little early to tell if it's helping my boyfriends hair. He likes it.

Happy so far

So far I am pretty happy with this shampoo. I don’t know if this would be normal for everyone but I noticed when I let my hair dry naturally with no product, my hair had a lot more natural curl in it than with my other shampoos. Hair felt clean and soft. On a day where I dried it with a hair dryer right after washing it, it had more volume than usual. Only used it twice so far but I am happy.

i f eels like it really clean the scalp

it smeels good

On point shampoo/conditioner

This set was absolutely what I was looking for in a Hair care shampoo/conditioner it met my expectations. I loved how a small amount goes a long way, the fragrance is perfect and it leaves my hair soft, and súper manejable.

Ive seen decent results!

First let me start by saying, in 04 I started to notice a lot of hair in the shower so I went on aggressive search to find the REAL cause for hair loss! This was during the time doctors were still blaming hair loss on hats! Through many searches and articles read, I came across DHT. DHT is caused by an end product of testosterone bonding with 5 enzyme in the body. This made the most sense to me since people with more testosterone(steroid users) definitely lost hair more rapidly. I found a natural product the stops dht from forming in the body and about 6 weeks later I found new hair sprouts along my hair line. I have great hair but recently I saw this shampoo and wondered if I still had some DHT forming and getting to the hair follicle?! I wanted to stop that DHT at the hair follicle! Thats what this product does! After 2 months of using this shampoo/conditioner my hairline is almost that of when I was in highschool! If this product doesnt work for you then youre either not using it properly or your hair loss is much more serious than DHT and you should contact your physician.

Great but...

Product is great! Only problem was the cap on the conditioner cracked off from delivery and conditioner spilled over onto everything.

Leaves hair super shiny and soft

My husband purchased this for me for Christmas, and I am so thrilled with it! Due to medical complications, I have been losing hair for years. While I have not been using this long enough to review it's efficacy for hair regrowth, I will tell you I love everything else about it. My hair is super shiny, soft, and tangle free. I really like it. I will say the fragrance of the shampoo is extremely subtle, so it easily works for men or women, and if I could improve anything about this, I would just amp the fragrance a little. Knowing this is healthy for my hair and that no animals were harmed in its development just makes this even better. I will definitely try other products in the line!

It works.

It works and gives nice hair smell.

Free shiny leaf product

Shiny leaf product

Nice shampoo and conditioner combo

I bought this shampoo and conditioner set because I am experiencing hair loss. I like the smell... nice, clean and subtle. I like how both the shampoo and conditioner feel when I use them. I feel confident in the product that it will perform what I purchased it for. It makes my hair softer. I don't brush or comb my hair because of the amount that comes out. I can already tell that my hair is less frizzy and easier to pull apart with my fingers.

Amazing Product!!!!

This product is amazing! Not only does it smell good, but it made my hair feel super soft and most importantly added thickness on just the first try!

Happy with what I see so far

It is too early to see if this stimulates hair growth but after 2 weeks of using daily these are the positive things I have noticed: the shampoo lathers easily, and my hair has never, ever felt this soft. Also I have very fine thin hair and I generally cannot use conditioner. Conditioners weigh my hair down and i cannot use. I have used this conditioner and hair is not weighed down, it is soft and fluffier. Fluffier to the point that it appears thicker and i can easily cover the almost balding patches in the back that take careful work and then hairspray to cover. I am also noticing that very few hairs are noticed in the sink when I comb my wet hair. Fragrance is very light which is great because I am intolerant to fragranced lotions, soaps, etc. Headaches and breathing issues ensue with my asthma, but no issue with these products.

Happy with what I see so far

It is too early to see if this stimulates hair growth but after 5 days of using daily this are the positive things I have noticed: the shampoo lathers easily, and my hair has never, ever felt this soft. Also I have very fine thin hair and I generally cannot use conditioner. Conditioners weigh my hair down and i cannot use. I have used this conditioner and hair is not weighed down, it is soft and fluffier. Fluffier to the point that it appears thicker and i can easily cover the almost balding patches in the back that take careful work and then hairspray to cover. I will review after a period of time to report about hair growth. However, very little hair drops in sink when I comb my hair after shower and none found in shower.

So far so good

I just used this shampoo & conditioner for the 1st time today. I have coarse, curly, color treated hair that's always been very thick except for some problem thinning areas around the hairline & crown. First the scent: I find it to be a very light fragrance, not bothersome at all. Sudsing: LOTS of suds! A little of this shampoo goes a long way! Which brings us to value: IMO, this shampoo/conditioner is no more expensive for the size than any salon product and less expensive than most. But none of this matters if your hair doesn't look good. I'm very happy with how soft & shiny my hair is. Also, drying & styling was very easy. Being really thick in the back, it takes forever to dry & straighten my hair and I usually wind up with some frizziness. But not today - my hair is soft & silky and there's no frizz. Hopefully it's going to work for my massive shedding and even help with regrowth.

its working

I waited a month to write a review. I really like it and my hair is growing Yea

Awesome Stuff!

Great shampoo and conditioner. My scalp is no longer sensitive and or itchy and I have so much hair growing back in! Yes!!! The scent is pleasant and as far as the hair softening qualities of the this product go, there's much left to be desired...but I'm not even concerned about that because my scalp is no longer painful and my hair is growing back in. Would highly recommend!

Happy with purchase.

Good product and price. Doesn't stink, works well, showing improvements with hair, feels good, scent lasts for hours and good smell.

Love it!

I don't know if this will help thicken my hair because I have only used it for 2 weeks but I love it. I don't notice much of a smell which I like and makes a good lather . The best part is how it leaves my hair, soft, shiny and manageable. That's a miracle because I have coarse, frizzy hair. I would recommend it.


Better looking hair after first washing

Like home made!

I love the smell, and the felling like is home made.I love the is made with natural things and less chemicals products.

Very nice scent.

I cannot rate product yet, I've just received them and have not had a chance to use. So far a least it has a very nice scent.


It started working since the first day..A+


Finally found the right Shampoo and Conditioner! The lathering of the shampoo is just perfect and it cleans my hair nicely. The conditioner smells really good and makes my hair so soft and manageable. I’ve been dealing with hairloss due to hormones and been taking several products including these 2, which tremendously helped me with my hair loss. So far I really like this Duo!!

The price is very reasonable

I have been shedding a lot of hair since going through menopause. Ive been using this shampoo for a month and I am noticing a huge difference with the hair loss. I'm not seeing the hair fall out in the shower like I noticed before using this product. I will buy this shampoo and conditioner again. Love it!!

Even if you're not worried about thinning hair, you'll love this tuff

Love this stuff.I feel like even if I hadn't set out to find one for thinking hair. I would love this product.My hair is crazy shiny, very full and lightweight. It's super soft and the products smell great.

It actually works!

I noticed my hair getting thinner and very little new growth I used the product for the first time a few weeks ago and was thrilled when all my hair didn't end up in the comb! My hair feels very clean and soft after shampooing. I didn't have high expectations but actually love this shampoo. It's too soon to know if having a healthier scalp or something in this product will encourage new growth but I'm happy that I've stopped the bleeding as the saying goes!

I like it

I like how it makes my hair feel


Have not used it enough to give a review on these two products.RECIEVED THE PRODUCT QUICKLY

Good value

Hair smells good and feels soft after use. Will give it sometime to see effect on hair growth

Makes hair silky soft and shiny, detangles well

I actually like this product very much. It makes my hair soft and shiny and detangles fairly well. I have very fine and sadly now thinning hair so the detangling portion is a major plus for me. Does the dht blocker part work yet? I don't know, I have only used it for a couple of weeks. However, I will keep on using it as I have tried other dht shampoos & conditioners that have not shown any significant improvements nor detangle nor give me shine. All in all, this one's a keeper and worth trying even if you don't care about dht blockers.

Love it

I love this products

Actually results and great value!

I have bought this about 3 times and keep coming back to order more! The best hair growth and thickening shampoo and conditioner set I have tried by far and the scent is amazing also.


Amazing. Works. My hair is healthy and better

Does it stop my hair from thinning and does it help regrow my hair.

Just got product so I'm not sure if it works or not, only used it once. Please ask me again in 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. Smells nice and makes my hair feel soft.

Works like it says it will.

Love the smell.

Good quality

Excellent product!

Makes my hair very soft.

Still too early to tell if it's effective, but I love how the shampoo and conditioner makes my hair feel.

Excellent product!

Just what I was looking for! It's been too soon to see if my hair grows back, but not losing any!

Love it!

I love the smell and the way my hair feel after each use.

just bought this dht blocker price much more reasonable than others

nice product

So far so good ;)

Great shampoo with a pleasant smell. Leaves the hair with a great texture.

Great for Thinning Hair

This is one of the better men's shampoos for thinning hair. This worked better then the salon Nioxin brand.

Great Shampoo &Conditioner

Loved the product. Great smell and feel...I will be buying more

Can’t claim it stops hair loss but like the feel.

I can’t say this helps hair loss but I like the shampoo and conditioner.

Good product

Very good product. A bit pricey as can buy cheaper. None the less still a quality product. Seems to work a bit with hair loss.

Tangle free and GF approved

Bought this to help cut down on clutter and over priced crap the GF was buying for hair strength and tangles. She loves it and says it's better than her specially made products. It's not overly strong scented either!!

DHT Blocker Shampoo and Conditioner by Shiny Leaf

Loved the scent and it makes my hair feel so good. Also noticing not too many hairs in my hairbrush.

More manageable hair.

I’ve only had time to use these products since I received them, but so far so good. They seem to make my hair shiny and more manageable, but remains to be seen if they will lessen my hair loss. They add volume, which is a plus!

Dht blockers

Great product love it

Initial Impression

I was pleasantly surprised at this product. The scent is not overpowering. The shampoo left my hair feeling clean without being stripped and the conditioner left my 4A hair feeling soft and bouncy. I will update to whether it actually does what it was bought for , which is grow my edges.

Gorgeous Hair

I started using this products a few months ago. I have bleached, fine hair and this product makes my hair thicker, shinier, and healthy. I have recommended Shiny Leaves to all my friends, family and coworkers. I am normally a salon brand only type person but this product turned me. I LOVE my hair with shiny leaf!

Love This Product!

Only time will tell to what extent the DHT-blocking works out, but I really like this product nonetheless. It smells great and makes my hair look and feel great. I plan to re-order and continue using it.

Like the feel of my hair. Hopefully it works for what I bought it for.

It will take some time to see if this shampoo will help with my excessive shedding and scalp inflammation. In the meantime, I like the way it cleanses and feels! This is one conditioner that I actually want to be near/on my scalp! Like the ingredients too.

Love how it smells. Have only used once but so far so good.

Love how it smells. Have only used once but so far so good.

Will buy again

The product has great and natural ingredients and smells great.

Nice, but could be better!

I like that I see growth after using this product. However my hair doesn't feel like hair. My hair has a weird texture. I'll continue to use to see if it will get better I only been using for a month.

Just used it and I’m OBSESSED

I got this today and used it for the first time, and my hair feels AMAZING! I got this because my sister told me that it was so wonderful that she had started selling it in her salon also! She has a good 2” halo of new growth in just 2 months! I LOVE everything about this product and I’m gonna reccommend to everyone! I can’t wait until the original is back in stock!


Nice, light fresh scent (not too perfume-y) washed my hair great! My hair feels clean and soft and the conditioner is lightweight, so my hair isn't weighed down. Works as described, after 2 uses I had significantly less fallout!!! It's awesome and will be buying again when I run out. 10/10 would recommend

No more hair lost

I’ve only used it once however I could not smell much of a fragrance but that’s ok, I did t buy it for that. I did not a lot of hair in the shower floor like before. And it left my hair feeling nice a very soft.

i like it so far

so far it makes my hair feel nice smells good need some time to see if it helps with thin hairline will update after a while of use

Doing the job

Seems to be working for my husband.

I tamed my curls!

Thisnhelped my hair within 2 washes. I have thick curly hair so its a relief that they can be tamed.

Great value!

The smell wasn’t all that but I guess that means we’ll because it’s not full of fragrance chemicals !!! Love it!

Nice product

I like

Good stuff

Just started using. Makes my hair soft and shiny, waiting to see the impact on my hair loss.

Hair Rescue

This product is amazing! I’m going through menopause so my hair kept falling out and nothing was working. Then I did the research and found out I needed to use DHT blocker products so I found this shampoo and conditioner on here on Amazon and decided to try it. My hair stopped breaking from the very first use! Within 3 weeks the bald patches were filling up and now almost 10 weeks later my hair is stronger, thicker, and fuller! I recommend this product without any reservation!

Great cleaner. I’ll update in six months.

Im trying to get my fine thin hair fuller. I derma roll my sculpt twice a week. I also spray my hair with Aloe juice from AndraSina skin care daily. I’ve added this shampoo since it says it’s a DHT blocker. I should have a lot more hair by next summer. I can’t expect miracles, but these three should do the job.

It works—-goodbye baldness!

I started to lose my hair about 6 months ago. I thought, “these dang genetics...I’m gonna be bald like my grandma.” It may have been all the bleach and hair color I’ve used, it might have been genetics...whatever it was, it was not good. I thought it was just a matter of time until I went bald.I looked at the reviews for different hair loss products online. For the price, this was the best option for me, as I am not rich (and I am really skeptical about this stuff so the less money I’m spending on a product, the better).I have been using it for a week and a half now. I already have new hairs starting to grow in. I am astonished. I no longer believe I will be bald in my future.The scent is nice, not the best but not the worst I’ve ever used as far as shampoo and conditioner are concerned.The containers are not mega size, but you only need a little bit to wash your hair (trust me, you use too much and you will be rinsing your hair for hours...).As I’ve stated, I’ve killed my hair to the point it felt like straw. It’s not back to feeling luxurious, but it doesn’t feel quite as dry as prior to using this product.In addition to this product, the company sends a card with the product to receive a free sample of a different product. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

So far,so good

I only used the shampoo and conditioner one time and I have to say that my hair feels thicker and softer delivery was fast ,true to their word only took 3 days I will definitely continue using; looking forward to the results

We will see.....

It’s too soon to give a definitive opinion, until my hair starts to grow back. So I have been rubbing this shampoo on my bald head for the last two weeks. And then I lather the back of my neck with the conditioner. I am only burnt about the face, breast, chest, neck, and head. I’ll keep you all posted .....

The Best product for hair!!! Just obsessed!!!

Amazing product!!! More than satisfy! My hair in only one week tje difference is insane! Feel more stronger less fallout... i bought this product because im in hormone therapy an since then my hair is been falling out and i have a beautiful long healthy hair that im not gonna give up on it!! The doctor told me to buy a shampoo with DHT Blocker .. and i can tell you this one by far is the best my hair is growing back again and feels so strong and healthy... thank you shiny leaf!! You guys safe my hair!!! Definitely im gonna keep buying this product!!! I recommended its amazing!!! The best!!!! Xoxox

Good Stuff

I am hoping that this product will help to renew my lost hair. It smells good and leaves my hair soft

The best dht


Great product!

Great product!

Smells great

I liked the smell and it matters nicely.

Surprised at the scent!

I received this shampoo and conditioner today, and for the most part I'm pretty happy. I'm surprised at how much I like the scent - it smells like a sweet/fresh soap. Also - you really only need a small amount for the product to really lather up. I have longer hair and I always end up going through a lot of product because I like to fully saturate my hair with it and this does that nicely, which helps me feel better about the cost. The only issue I had was when I opened the package both seals on the containers were compromised/broken, and the shampoo had leaked a little, but it wasn't a big enough deal to make a complaint about. Other than that, I'm very satisfied!

Hair Care

Great product


After going through 2 unexpected surgeries my hair loss increased tremendously! I feel that this shampoo really helped to speed up the hair loss and cut it down to a normal wear and tear hair loss on a typical day. It prevented something that could have gotten a lot worse and was able to restore shine, thickness, and growth of new hair!



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