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My hair is softer than before using this shampoo.

I waited to try this shampoo and experienced the benefits before writing a review. If you are expecting to stop hair loss completely, this is not the shampoo for you but, if you are looking for a shampoo that will make your hair look with more body and softer this it the shampoo for you. I"ve been using this shampoo for more than four months. I love it, my hair is softer and is easier to handle it! I continue loosing some hair but the amount of hair falling is less than when I was not using this shampoo. I also notice new hair in my scalp and less thinning areas. I'm buying my third bottle!

Nice Product

Initial results were satisfactory.

great product

I have only used this once so far, buy I like it a lot. It made my hair soft and shiny but not limp as some shampoos do with my long hair. I will be able to report more after I use it a few more times.

Smoother hair

I liked the shampoo..makes my hair smoother!

Excellent Shampoo and some noticed results

I had purchased this anti-hair loss shampoo based on the reviews of this product, and the need to control my hair loss. I have been using this for over 3 months and I have noticed good results. My hair looks thicker or fuller. It seems my hair grows faster. Although I don't notice new growth of hair in bald spots. The scent of this is pleasant and nice. It seems to keep my hair smooth and soft. I had recently gave some of this to my mom to try. She noticed some results as with new hair growth and less grays. She likes the scent and the results. I am pleased with the results and would recommend this shampoo.

Already notice a difference after one week.


A nice shampoo.

This shampoo left my hair feeling clean. I can't say whether or not it made my hair any filler, but I like the shampoo.

Too Soon to Say

I have used twice...too soon to say. I will provide a review in 3 months. Smells good...left my hair soft.

Hair is less brittle

Like everything about this product

It works

Excellent product noticed a difference after first couple of uses will continue to use this product.

Good product/shady offer for free product

Although I’m very happy with the product, I don’t appreciate being forced to write a review in order to get the “free” product I was offered from the company when I received the shipment. I would have given a positive review without being pressured. It’s a pretty tacky way to increase your review count. That said, the shampoo works great and makes my hair feel as though all the buildup gets rinsed down the drain. I would recommend it to others but also warn them about the “free” product scam.

It takes time but hair does respond to this product.

I've been using this product for 5 months and have seen a significant increase in hair growth. Its slow due to thyroid being removed for cancer but my hair is slowly growing back. I would recommend this product to others who are experiencing hair loss.

Shampoo review

After using shiney leaf dht blocking shampoo I have to say I’m impressed by the product. I definitely will buy it again.

just starting to use

i have just used it a couple times so far...will post more after i have used it more

Helps shedding

I like the smell of the shampoo and I feel like it has helped my hair shedding in a noticeable way. I don’t have hair shedding after I wash and blow dry. Will keep using.

Good product.

Made my hair feel great. Good scent, high quality.

It actually.. worked

It seemed to work for me after a week of use! Been using it a couple months and my hair falls out a lot less. Definitely going to continue.

Basic And Safe

I have used many anti-DHT shampoos in the past and there really is no great way of telling if they work well, if at all. However, Shiny Leaf is paraben-free, which is what basic wax is and you don’t want a waxy substance in your hair that builds up. It also is sulfate-free which is very good as sulfates can cause irritation of the scalp (sulfates used to be rumored to be carcinogens, but that is now false). The DHT blocker is a common ingredient and seems to be used in a lot of shampoos to stop DHT (it damages the root of the hair).The price is good for 16 ounces and the feel of the shampoo is smooth without greasiness. My own recommendation is to shampoo your hair quickly to clean it and then under the hottest water to run through your scalp to open pores and hair root shafts. After a minute or so of hot water, apply the Shiny Leaf to your hair. Leave it in at least three minutes so it can be absorbed through your scalp and then thoroughly rinse it all out. Your hair feels smooth without any buildup of any product.The price and quality are good, and you really should not be spending a lot of money on hair products if you don’t have to. Genetics is a big player in hair loss, but this shampoo will take care of any other hair loss causes.

Makes your hair feel amazing

I’m so impressed with the way my hair feels there’s a shine and thickness to it I got two more bottles because I couldn’t believe how nice it felt this product also doesn’t have filler or silicones in it great product love the results!

Amazing product

This shampoo leave your hair very smooth and hidrated, since the first time I used it I noticed I stopped shedding hair. I cat not see yet if the hair I lost will regrow but so far is been a great product.

Smells nice

I really like this shampoo! It lathers well, smells great, and my hair is really soft and tangle free after using this stuff. No conditioner needed for me!

Nice smell, feel, and lather

I haven’t used this product long enough to tell if it has helped my hair loss but I believe it makes the hair appear fuller and more voluminous. I use both the shampoo and conditioner and they both lather and moisturize as good as any other product that I’ve tried. Hopefully with a little more time I’ll notice a difference in my thinning hairline. Product feels and smells good!

Great product

The product really makes my hair feel stronger and smell is really nice. I’m trying to strengthen my hair and make it fuller so I have a little while for that process to take affect.

Good product

Not much of a smell but product helps with hair loss

It helps with thinning hair

Had a septic shock stroke the medine made my hair thin out used this product and it helped a lot



Just buy it

Have been using it for 2 months and my hair feels thicker and fuller

My scalp and hair feels wonderful !

Shampoo is amazing lathers very well and a small amount goes a long way . I've been using this product for a week and leaves my scalp and hair very conditioned and fresh and most important doesn't weigh hair down .

Great shampoo

Even after only three weeks I can a difference . Great texture and scent. Will buy more.


Just received this but have used twice and love the way my hair looks...very shiny and full bodied. I cannot, of course, address if it will improve hair loss but believe it will. I really do not detect a scent.

Great product. Will reorder.

I ordered this for my husband and he finds that it really works well. Adds good volume.

It’s really good

I ordered this shampoo for my husband because he tried so many shampoos and didn’t like. He have a thin hair so I tried this shampoo he was so happy his hair feels good and I tried by myself and I loved it

So far so good

So far so good.

Love this shampoo

This shampoo is great...leave my hair full, soft and lustrous.

Well packaged

Scent is amazing and free product after purchase was amazing

Promising so far

The shampoo is odorless to my olfactory senses which I like. My hair seems shinier and silkier since I started using it but it is not the thickening agent which I had depended on from my former shampoo. To be fair, this shampoo does not advertise it's hair thickening properties and I will continue to use it for a few months in order to see if it will make a positive difference in my hair growth.

Make hair look more full! Will buy again!

Love it!

It actually seems to work

Haven't found anything to dislike about the Shinyleaf DHT blocker shampoo--to the contrary, it seems to improve my hair texture and shine; and it may be too soon to tell for sure but my hair appears a bit fuller.


Love the lather of this shampoo and you don’t need much! Smells Great Also. Not sure if it helps hair lose since we've only been using it for a weeks, but we're hopeful.

So far so good

I enjoy this so far. Can’t speak for the results, but I enjoy the shampoo!

Love the product line trying this one out...

Excellent item. I used the castor oil shampoo prior giving this one a shot and so far so good

Gentle on hair. Some new growth.

I like this one better than the nioxin which really dried out my hair. I do see slight improvement in new hair growth. And new growth is a but thicker.

Works for me...

The results are in... and it works for me. My hairdresser says my thinning spot of hair has greatly improved and I owe it to this shampoo.


Not sure if it is working yet, but I like:How it cleans my hairHow it smellsHow my hair feels after

Great Shampoo

I bought the shampoo and also bought the conditioner from Shiny Leaf's website. I have very fine wimpy hair. Using the two of them together help with less breakage (hair doesn't tangle when wet).

Receive the item

I just receive the item on Thursday, July 8

Great product!

I absolutely love this shampoo! It doesn't take a lot of it to get a nice lather. It also smells really good. Will buy again.

Nice shampoo

I'm not sure if it is working, but I really like the shampoo regardless. I will keep using.

Not A bad product I would probably purchase it again but I am trying something new

This product was a good DHT blocker but I just felt it wasn’t too good with a hairloss like retaining what you have

Will buy it again.

I really like this product, it's not smell good but after using it, I really like the freshness in my head.

Love that it's curly girl method approved

I've used this several times. My wash day is great. This is curly girl method approved so this is great. I hope this will start new growth

This product is excellent - performs as advertised .

Wonderful products ! I waited to write a review until i had used it more than once and i love it now as much as the first time. Smells great, doesn'tWeigh my hair down and no more hair clumps in the drain !

DHT Blocker for hair regrowth

It is made in the USA, fragrance is not overwhelming, liked the thickness of the shampoo, and love the tingling on the scalp. The cap opening is small allowing the right amount of shampoo to be dispensed. A little goes a long ways. Hair is soft and shiney. Since I just bought this, I cannot assess about hair regrowth. Will be happy to write another review in 60-90 days.

DHT blocker works.

This is a great shampoo. Hair feels good after use & I’m already seeing some new hair growth after using it for a short time.

Good shampoo

I like it, it smells nice and lathers up well. My hair feels very clean afterwards. Thanks!

I’ll purchase again

Love the lather of this shampoo and you don’t need much! Smells Great Also. I am telling my hairdresser about this product. I ordered another bottle to give her to try for you guys.

Nice scent.

So far it's great! I like the scent. Too soon to see if it's helping my hair grow.

Great shampoo, broken bottle made hard to use

Love the shampoo, left my hair feeling soft and full. The bottle was broken when it came though and there was plastic inside the cap. I have to unscrew and take off the cap each time to use instead of squeezing it.

Great Product

Was very surprised to notice the difference in one shampoo. Hair seemed stronger and less shedding for sure. Left hair very soft but not weighted down. Two thumbs up!

Nice shampoo, but still awaiting the results on hair growth improvement.

Appears to be a high quality product from ingredients to smell to soapiness. Trying to see if this reduces hair loss, which I hope to follow up in a few more weeks.

Cleans hair as advertised

Hair is clean now

Makes hair fluffy

I have only used twice makes my hair fluffy

Great product. Smells great too !

This shampoo is fantastic. It’s my only “go to “

Very Nourishing

Leaves my hair feeling great, let it sit in for a few minutes like instructed and rinse feeling so great afterward.

Good shampoo

This is a good shampoo but not very fragrant. Not sure if it's going to stop my hair loss but so far so good.

Good product

Product is great so far

Works well

Help with dryness

Great texture and makes your hair look thicker

I have only used to shampoo once I love the way my hair feels and it does look thicker but it's not shinny

Helplessly hoping

Love they way our hair feels after washing with this shampoo. Not sure if it helps hair lose since we've only been using it for a couple of weeks, but we're hopeful.

Healthy hair

After having two babies back to back I have had a lot of hair loss with Visible thining in front.I've been using this shampoo for about a week. I'm noticing my hair feels healthier and is definitely stronger. As for actually stopping hair loss, I can't say. I am hopefully though.

It’s Really Work!!!!

I was already used their Castor oil shampoo and helped my hair to grow back .... but this is even better because after a couple of wash it reduced my hair loose under the shower....I love it.....?


Very good

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