How to Get Bitcoin Cash in 3 Easy Steps


Follow these 3 easy steps to setup your own Bitcoin Cash wallet and fund it with Bitcoin cash:

STEP 1: 

Create a wallet with at: .

  • Make sure to keep a backup of your private keys in a safe place.

Alternative to –

STEP 2: 

Make sure you are in the Bitcoin Cash wallet (should be color green) , then click on “Buy”.

Easy Steps on How to Buy Bitcoin Cash


Choose “Simplex” to buy Bitcoin Cash using credit card / debit card.

Easy Steps on How to Get Bitcoin Cash


Type the amount you want to buy in BCH (Bitcoin Cash) worth of USD, accept the terms and click Continue.

Easy Steps on How to Buy Bitcoin Cash


Enter your details, accept the terms and proceed to payment.

Easy Steps on How to Buy Bitcoin Cash

Once you are done, the Bitcoin Cash balance will appear in your account.


Go to the, choose your favorite products, and buy them using Bitcoin Cash. Get 20% Bitcoin Cash back to your Bitcoin Cash wallet.

Few important things to keep in mind:

  1. You can choose any Bitcoin cash wallet you want. Shiny Leaf do not endorse or recommend any Bitcoin Cash wallet over another and we are not associated with or in anyway.
  2. The amount you buy is fully up to you and fully in your control. One of the biggest advantages of Bitcoin Cash is that you control your funds.
  3. Shiny Leaf does not provide any investment advice with regards to cryptocurrency or Bitcoin Cash in particular.
  4. Price volatility may occur. It is possible that your 100 USD worth of Bitcoin cash will be worth 90 USD the next day but on that same note it is also possible that the same 100 USD will be worth 110 USD the next day.
  5. If you need any assistance, feel free to talk to our support team.
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