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    Sign up to our new membership program and get an all-access pass to our deluxe package and benefits.

    What do I get with my Premium membership?

    Current benefits of Shiny Leaf Premium include:

    • A welcome gift of Cold-Pressed Castor Oil 4oz, which will be shipped along with your first order as a Premium member
    • 15% discount on all orders starting from the date of Premium membership
    • Personal coupon booklet worth $80
    • Better reward points ($1 spend = 15 pts.)
    • Bigger birthday gift (100 points instead of 50 points)
    • 20% discount on first two (2) auto-delivery orders (15% applies for succeeding orders)
    • Exclusive deals and extended-time offers
    • Access to product samples and freebies

    When can I start using my Premium benefits?

    As soon as you subscribe to Premium! In fact, we’re taking 15% off the current order where you get Premium as an add-on, plus we’re sending the welcome gift with your order.

    Can I combine Premium discounts with other discounts?

    Premium discounts may not be used on top or in combination with other discounts, but at you’re guaranteed to get at least 15% off every time you order at the Shiny Leaf store while an active member.

    When will I be charged the Premium membership fee? Is it refundable? Can I convert it to products or points?

    The annual membership fee is charged in full upon subscription and is non-refundable nor convertible to products of points.

    How long will I have access to Premium benefits?
    Will my Premium membership automatically renew? Will you remind me when it does?

    Membership is valid for one (1) year and will auto-renew every year on the date of initial subscription. We’ll send a reminder email 30 days before your membership is set to renew so you may cancel if needed.

    Will the amount of membership fee ever change?

    The amount of the annual membership fee may be changed at any time, but an existing member will not be charged the new membership fee until the start of that member’s next subscription term. Don’t worry, we will let you know of the changes beforehand.

    Can I cancel my Premium membership anytime? How?

    You can cancel your Premium membership anytime, but the membership fee is non-refundable. You may contact the Shiny Leaf Customer Service Team by email or through your account page, in which case your membership and associated benefits will be effective until the expiration of your current subscription term.

    Do I still earn points while subscribed to Premium?

    Your Shiny Leaf Rewards account will still earn reward points for every purchase while subscribed to Premium membership. Reward points accumulation will be based on the total price of your order after all applicable codes or discounts are applied, not on the regular prices of the products.

    What other terms and conditions apply to the Premium membership program?

    Our website’s Terms and Conditions, including the section entitled “SHINY LEAF PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM - TERMS AND CONDITIONS” apply to the Premium membership program. Review the current Terms and Conditions for more information related thereto.

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