Tea Tree Oil Conditioner Reviews

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I love both the shampoo & conditioner 😊

Tea tree

It makes your head tingle. It’s very soothing. I love the scent.

Would buy Again!

Used to the vet last drop, but added a bit more of tea tree oil for potency: Soothing to my scalp!


I love how this made my scalp feel.

Good for your scalp!

Great product and price and good for your scalp but smell isn't the greatest so I use another conditioner after too!

Good product

It’s a good product and works well. It reduced itching but not completely though.

Moisturizing plus!

Truly moisturizing

Good product!

It works, I like it.

Good quality conditioner.

Moisturizes my hair enough that I dont need a ton of product to smooth and style



Must tryπŸ‘

Satisfied customer here must try!

Must try??

Satisfied customer here must try!


Overall good conditioner to go with tea tree oil shampoo, which is the best. I have naturally curly, long hair and I felt lie I had to use more than my regular conditioner to get full coverage because it's not thick.

Great conditioner.

My hair was very soft after using. Very easy to comb thru when wet. Dried without tangling.

Great conditioner

My hair was very soft after using. Very easy to comb thru when wet. Dried without tangling.

Bought this for my husband who has dandruff

Bought this for my husband who has dandruff but I noticed it smelled so nice after his shower, that I had to try it too! Light, refreshing scent, and left my hair silky smooth.

This is a great product

This is a great product. Smells wonderful and feels great. My hair feels so nourished!

Works great

I have nice long hair.. and it was difficult to find a nice shampoo and condition to help with my awful scalp... psoriasis on my head was awful.. this cleared almost all of it off the first shampoo, all gone and my head stays clear now.. doesn't smell like medicine afterword either.. side note.. I use it on my pom as well.. keeps her skin nice and not itchy at all :)

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