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15-Minute Hair Care Routine for Busy Moms

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    Being a mom is exciting and extremely fulfilling. Motherhood is joy itself, but you know just how hard it can be. Having kids is incredible, but you know well how much sacrifices you have to make. You sacrifice all that you can give to make sure your kids are happy. Luckily, your hair isn’t one of them.

    As a mom, you may feel like you barely have time for yourself at all. Cutting corners to save time is an art you’ve perfected over the years. However, being busy is no excuse for having messy and frizzy hair. Keep being an amazing woman and still have gorgeous hair at the same time. It’s possible! Try this 15-minute hair care routine to get the beautiful hair you deserve.

    Mother and her child

    Why You Need to Ditch Mom Buns

    Whether you’re a mother of a toddler or three teenagers, the responsibility doesn’t get easier. Having a messy hair is something all moms are familiar with. You can’t visit a salon with how busy you are and sometimes you even forget to use conditioners. You constantly put your hair in a mom bun without knowing that it might be damaging your hair.

    Your hair loses its shine and luster as you age. Not having a proper hair care routine can speed up the deterioration of hair. It gets drier, duller, and more brittle over time. Frizzy and messy hair is so familiar you’ve become comfortable with it. Mom buns and messy ponytails save you from looking like a complete mess. However, they can damage your hair more.

    Putting your hair in tight constraints causes breakage that leads to the development of split ends. Having your hair in a bun can prevent the natural oil on your scalp from moisturizing the ends of your hair. At the end of the day, you get messy waves that feel like straw. Hair damage can get worse if you leave them untreated. If you have these hair concerns, it is time for you to consider having an effective hair care routine:

    • Dull hair and thin volume
    • Frizzy hair that is hard to style
    • Dry and rough hair texture
    • Brittle hair strands that break easily
    • Split-ends from the tips of hair up to the midlengths
    • Dandruff
    • Bald patches
    • Grey hair color
    Mom in a bun

      15-Minute Hair Care Routine

      This routine replenishes moisture on hair while providing nutrients that strengthen the strands. It improves your hair’s texture, volume, softness, and shine. You can tweak it to address certain hair concerns such as frizziness and hair breakage. Here are the products and steps you need for this easy 15-minute hair routine.

      What You Need:

      • Shower cap
      • Shampoo/Hair Rinse
      • Conditioner
      • 3-4 tablespoon of hair oil
        • Argan Oil
        • Sweet Almond Oil
        • Jojoba Oil
        • Castor Oil
        • Avocado Oil
        • Coconut Oil

      Use your choice of hair oil. Each of these oils has moisturizing and nourishing benefits for hair. They help restore the strength of hair and gives extra shine. Hair oils improve the resilience of hair as well to prevent hair loss. If you’re suffering from cases of greying or thinning hair, use hair oils every night to keep hair lustrous and bouncy.

      Almond oil


      Here are the steps of the 15-minute hair care routine:

      STEP 1: Brush your hair to remove flakes or debris trapped in strands. It helps remove the tangles that can cause breakage as well. Brushing hair makes hair easier to handle. It distributes oil to hair strands too. You can do this before you apply oil and when styling hair.

      STEP 2: Use one tablespoon of your preferred hair oil and apply it to the tips of your hair. Start from the bottom and slowly move upwards. Use enough oil to cover the entire length of hair and scalp. Massage the oil into scalp thoroughly and make sure your entire hair length is covered with oil. You can leave the oil on hair overnight or rinse it off right after 5 minutes. Wear a shower cap to avoid oil stains.

      STEP 3: Cleanse hair with a rinse or a shampoo. A rinse is a recipe made from organic or natural ingredients that cleanses hair without containing chemicals. Apple cider vinegar and baking soda are great examples of a hair rinse. Use a gentle shampoo to remove excess oil without completely getting rid of the moisture on hair. Wash off the products on hair with cold water.

      STEP 4: Wring out excess water from hair. Apply a conditioner from hair ends to midlengths. You don’t need to apply conditioner to scalp since it produces enough oil on its own. Leave it on for 2 minutes before rinsing off. You still need to use a conditioner since it has different effects from the oil. Conditioners seal the moisture to hair strands to prevent them from escaping. This helps keep hair soft and smooth all day long!

      STEP 5: Remove excess water from hair with a clean towel and use a hair dryer. Style hair any way you want! You’ll notice that is softer and shinier after the routine.

      Woman using hair dryer

      Leaving the oil on hair overnight repairs damage such as split-ends and rough hair texture. The oil seeps into hair strands to deliver nourishing nutrients as well. You can do this every night or in the morning. When your kids are asleep or in school, you have time to do this hair routine too.

      Quick and Easy Hair Care Tips

      It’s not too late for you to restore your hair to its former glory. There are simple ways you can keep hair looking lustrous and shiny even when you’re busy. Try these quick and easy tips to get gorgeous hair:

      1. Use cold or lukewarm water in shower. Hot water strips off the necessary moisture from hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Cold water helps rinse hair without causing damage.
      2. Mix oils with shampoo and conditioner. Essential oils are rich in vitamins, minerals, and moisture that protect hair from damage. Mixing them with hair products help provide extra nourishment.
      3. Use clips, pins, or scrunchies instead of a hair tie. Hair ties can damage hair, especially when they are made from plastic. Plastic or rubber ties damage the cuticles, which causes breakage. Clips and pins hold hair into any shape while scrunchies are made with a soft cloth that is gentle on hair.
      4. Drink plenty of water. Water helps hydrate your body, skin, and hair! It helps retain the moisture of hair to keep it shiny and soft.
      5. Stick to a strict hair care routine. Having a hair care routine is important. It doesn’t need to be an hour long 15 minutes is enough to provide the basic needs of hair and more.

      Mother playing with her daughter

      Mothers know best, except when it comes to hair care. Remember that you can still take good care of your loved ones including yourself. It will not hurt to put a little time into giving yourself an easy hair care treat. Start doing this 15-minute hair care routine to get fabulous hair that makes you feel more confident. Make your hair as awesome as you are!

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