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5 Steps to Perfect the No Makeup Look

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    Looking naturally fresh and beautiful is the idea behind the no makeup makeup look. Imagine having perfect flawless skin that glows from the inside. Doing this type of makeup might sound easy and simple, but it is not. But you can perfect the no makeup look in just five steps! 

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    Want to look naturally beautiful everyday? Follow our simple guide to perfect the no makeup makeup look. We promise that it would take less time and fewer products.

    What’s the No Makeup Look

    If you want a fresh and naturally beautiful appearance, this makeup is just for you. This style focuses on bringing out your best features without using too much makeup.

    Compared topopular makeup styles, the no makeup look aims to emphasize your natural beauty. The secret behind this look is an even skin tone and blemish-free complexion. You can prep your face with few makeups to make it look like you are glowing. The less makeup that you use, the better. If you are up for the challenge, try our 5-step routine to perfect the no makeup look. 

    5 Steps to Perfect the No Makeup Look

    Some women don’t like to wear makeup. Others don’t have the time. However, all women want to look fresh and presentable. Whether it’s for an early session of yoga, brunch, grocery shopping, or taking your kids to school, you always want to look your best. Here's a selfie-ready makeup look just for you. You don’t have to put on a ton of foundation or even lipstick with this five-step makeup routine.

    Fresh-faced woman with minimal makeup

    STEP 1: Prep your skin.

    Having perfectly healthy skin saves you from applying layers of foundation and concealer. Plump and radiant skin does not need much makeup. The trick is you have to ensure that your skin looks fresh and radiant.
    Let your skin “breathe”. This means removing buildup of dead skin cells and makeup on skin. Cleanse and exfoliate your skin before you apply makeup. These steps will unclog your pores and stimulate skin cell renewal. Exfoliating leaves your skin smoother and more radiant too. Do the same for your lips. Make your own homemade lip scrub using carrier oil and brown sugar. Massage on lips to make it smoother.
    Pat your face dry after exfoliating and apply toner. The toner restores the pH balance of your skin, which helps regulate oil production. It prevents your face from getting too oily throughout the day. It also preps your skin so it absorbs moisture better.
    You can use products that brighten and hydrate your skin as well. You can skip the primer and foundation if you have great skin. Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Face Serum Set helps make your skin glow. Their combined effects help plump up your skin for a softer and smoother texture. 

    STEP 2: Moisturize and protect your skin.

    Let the toner absorb into skin for a minute before you moisturize. Choose a long-lasting moisturizer to prevent your skin from looking dull and tired. Moisturizers give your skin a plump and luminous appearance. Make it a habit to apply moisturizer before you put on makeup. It will give your skin a fresher look.
    Moisturizer minimizes the appearance of pores so your face looks smoother. You should also apply sunscreen after putting on moisturizer. This product protects your skin from sun damage.
    You can use concealer if you want to cover up blemishes and dark spots but use it sparingly. If you want long-term results, use an eye cream. It lifts and brightens the skin under your eyes. Eye cream formulas help plump skin to reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Using instant lift eye creams will make your eyes look brighter.

    STEP 3: Do your brows and eyelashes.

    For the eyebrows, just use an eyebrow shaping tool such as a spoolie to brush the strands towards the direction of growth. Use upward strokes to create the messy eyebrow look like Cara Delevingne’s! Set your brows with castor oil instead of eyebrow gel. It makes your eyebrows look fuller and bolder.
    Putting on mascara
    Your eyelashes will need some good ol’ loving too. Ditch the mascara and use castor oil instead. Curl your lashes and use a mascara wand to apply castor oil. It makes your lashes look thicker, which helps frame your eyes well.
    The best way to achieve the perfect no makeup look? Get fuller and thicker brows. You don’t have to fill in your brows perfectly. Instead, go for the natural messy brows. The secret is to use castor oil on your eyebrows every night. This makes eyebrows grow thicker and fuller.

    STEP 4: Color the apple of your cheeks.

    A subtle blush is important to achieve that glowing look. Don’t apply too much blush. Another great tip is to use cream blush instead of a powdered one. Cream blush moisturizes your skin as well to prevent it from getting dry and flaky. A cream blush gives you a beautiful glow that is perfect for the no makeup look.
    Apply the cream brush using your fingertips. Pat the cream blush all around the apple of your cheeks to blend it well. Cream blushes moisturize your skin and give it a dewy appearance. You can blend some highlighter, essence, serum, or oil with the cream blush. This gives your skin a beautiful, more luminous glow.
    Pretty woman with fresh and glowing skin

    STEP 5: Make your lips look plump and luscious.

    Make your lips look plump and luscious with a gentle scrub. Exfoliating your lips will give it a smoother, softer, and luscious appearance. After that, put some hydrating oil on your lips. It will protect your lips and prevent dryness. Do the rest of your makeup and finish it off with a gloss that has a tinge of color similar to your natural lip shade. This will not only give you a naturally beautiful look. Using a lip gloss or balm also makes your lips feel moisturized. Did you know what’s the best accessory that goes so well with this natural makeup look? It's your smile!

    What’s great about this natural makeup look is that it makes you feel good about how you look naturally. Do this makeup style for the perfect selfie look. At the end of the day, don’t forget to remove your makeup. Take good care of your skin and let it rest. Don’t skip on the essential products for your skin care routine. The healthier your skin is, the less you need cosmetics. Try this no makeup look and see how easy it is to do!

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