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Lush Review: Sustainable Hair Care Made Possible

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    What does it take to get hair as soft and lustrous like the ones in ads? Apparently, you might only need a good pair of shampoo and conditioner (and maybe some extra hydrating oil). But the most basic rule is to find good brands of shampoo.

    I’ve never used the same shampoo for more than two years. There are always new ones that work better for my hair. However, that’s why most brands continue to develop new formulas that can surpass their old products. One of the brands that are keeping ahead of the race is Lush. With their impressive collection of shampoos and conditioners, there’s almost no need to be looking for more.

    What’s great about Lush is that it makes sustainable bath and body products without sacrificing the effectiveness of their formulas. So if you are into vegan and cruelty-free products (you should be!), you will love Lush. From their formulas to their packaging – you can guarantee that you will get completely sustainable products.

    Sustainable Hair and Skin Care With Lush

    You might be feeling clean and fresh with all the bath and body products in your shelf, but are you keeping the world clean too? The newest and most crucial challenge to brands today is reducing their carbon footprint. Millions of tons of plastic wash up on the beach every day. Guess where the bulk of it comes from?

    That’s right – product packaging. And yet few companies are taking a proactive approach to significantly reduce their negative side effects on the environment. That’s why most Lush reviews you read on the internet are positive.

    Lush is an advocate of plastic-free packaging. Their products are packed in recycled papers and recyclable materials. In fact, they found a way to completely ditch plastic bottles of shampoos and conditioners. Their hair products are solid. Yes, shampoo bars and conditioners are coming back, but with gentler and nourishing formulas.

    Shampoo bars are not new. Before liquid shampoo, there are bars of soap that can be used to wash hair and scalp. The problem is, they are too harsh on hair. They leave residues that can cause flaking on scalp too. Lush completely reinvented shampoo bars with formulas that leave your hair luscious.

    The brand formulated shampoo bars for each hair type as well. You can get shampoo bars that wouldn’t dry or cause frizziness to your curls. Lush also made sure that you will love the scents and colors of their shampoo bars. They used extracts and natural ingredients to give their products refreshing color and smell.

    All About Lush Shampoo Bar Collection

    Lush shampoo bars are great alternatives to normal liquid shampoos. One bar is equivalent to a medium-sized shampoo and may last you up to 80 washes. Lush made your hair care more exciting as they used various organic extracts to make their shampoo bars. Not only will your hair feel clean, it can smell fresh and lovely all day long too.

    Shampoo bars used to have bad rep since they were made with lye and animal fat. Lye is sodium chloride, which can create a chemical reaction to produce foam. However, lye has damaging effects on hair. It is corrosive, making hair strands brittle and prone to breakage.

    These shampoo bars can make your hair really shiny, but for a price. Using traditional shampoo bars leave a waxy film on your hair. The waxy film can make your hair feel heavy. It prevents moisture from absorbing into the strands too.

    Lush created a new formula of shampoo bars to cleanse hair without causing damage. To use these shampoo bars, you only need to run them on your hair for a few seconds. They create so much foam that it can cover your entire hair.

    Top 5 Best Lush Shampoo Bars Review

    Not only are these best-selling shampoo bars sustainable, they are good for your hair too. I’ve tried five of their most popular products to see if they’re worth the hype. Read this Lush review to find out what’s good about these products.

    Dear John

    Lush Dear John

    Who doesn’t love a good perk-me-up every morning? Lush Dear John is the perfect cleanser that can refresh your hair and wake you up at the same time. This shampoo bar contains whole coffee beans and coffee powder. These ingredients do not only make your hair smell nice. They deliver antioxidants that can stimulate your scalp too.

    Dear John uses a blend of natural ingredients including clove infusion and cocoa powder. These ingredients help give your hair head-turning shine. Using this shampoo bar can improve the rate at which your hair grows too.

    What I love about the shampoo bar is that it has a deep, appealing aroma. It doesn’t smell strong. True to their promise, it only took me a few rubs to produce lather that covers my entire hair. My hair smelled really good all day long too.


    Lush Seanik

    If you want more volume and luster to your hair, Seanik shampoo bar is the best choice for you. It contains Japanese nori seaweed, sea salt, and lemon oil. The combination of these three ingredients gave my hair the perfect beach waves – full and lustrous.

    Lush also added Irish moss gel, which is a soothing ingredient for the scalp. When you pair it with the protein-rich Japanese seaweed, the shampoo bar can moisturize hair and strengthen it at the same time.

    The blue color and citrusy scent (no, it doesn’t smell like seaweed at all) of the shampoo bar convinced me to get this product. But its volumizing effects secured it on top of my list. My curly hair used to look floppy during summer because of the humid weather. Thanks to Seanik, my hair feels so thick and lustrous even during the hottest days of the year.


    Lush Godiva

    The ultra-moisturizing effects of Godiva made me want to ditch my conditioners. That’s just how good it is. It cleanses hair and moisturizes it at the same time. I don’t even feel like using a conditioner after. What makes this shampoo bar so moisturizing are the various oils and natural butter that it contains.

    It is the perfect weapon that can tame dry, and frizzy hair. Godiva’s bright yellow color is just so captivating. Using the shampoo bar is so easy because of its solid form. Rich in various oils and natural ingredients, you can appreciate how your hair feels so soft and manageable after washing hair. The shampoo bar contains cocoa butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and other extracts. The combination of these natural ingredients leaves hair impossible smooth.

    Avocado Co-Wash

    Lush Avocado Co-wash

    If you have textured hair, Avocado Co-wash is the best product for you. This is a shampoo bar that cleanses and conditions hair at the same time. Avocado co-wash is the perfect alternative that can give you the perfect, shiny curls. The shampoo bar does not contain any drying ingredient that can make textured hair dry and frizzy.

    Now you can just cleanse and condition in just one step. With hydrating and hair-nourishing ingredients, you can achieve lustrous hair. It contains natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, cider vinegar, and fresh avocados. Both fresh avocado and cocoa butter have great hydrating properties. When combined with cider vinegar, the shampoo bar leaves hair with great shine and smoothness.

    This product helps prevent the frizziness of hair as well. It smooths out the cuticles on the strands and locks in moisture for a silky smooth finish. I used this shampoo bar a few times a month so my hair can recover from all the washing. It helps define my curls without making them feel heavy or greasy at all.

    Jumping Juniper

    Lush Jumping Juniper

    Lush shampoo bars also include products for oily hair like Jumping Juniper. This shampoo bar does not only leave your hair and scalp oily. Jumping Juniper also helps control oil production on scalp. It contains juniper berry oil, which has clarifying properties, which works well for congested scalp.

    The combination of lemon and lime gives your hair great shine and smoothness too. All of these natural extracts have great benefits for your tresses. They are enhanced with the soothing properties of herbal extracts like lavender and rosemary, both of which has great stimulating effects on scalp.

    Fresh, clean scalp fosters healthy hair growth. And with Jumping Juniper as your hair savior, you get to grow stronger and thicker strands that can become resilient against damage.


    Quality doesn’t mean pretty packaging and Lush proved that with their collection of products. They made sure that their customers can still get what they paid for – healthy, luscious hair. And the best part of all of these? They help you reduce your carbon footprint too. The less you spend on products with plastic packaging, the less you contribute to plastic waste. Other than being sustainable, the brand also ensures that their products are cruelty-free.

    Made from the freshest ingredients, you get all the benefits for your hair without the damage to the environment. Build your hair care routine around the best products that can help you save your hair and the environment too. Imagine a brighter world and shinier hair. It’s possible with Lush products.

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