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Presents of Mind: 12 Thoughtful Gift Ideas

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    It’s easy to find a good gift without thinking much about it. You can get items that anyone can use – socks, mugs, or blankets. While they are good gifts to give and receive, nothing trumps a unique thoughtful present that can make anyone feel special.

    Christmas is the perfect season to let your loved ones feel appreciated. Keep in mind that the best gifts are not always expensive. We’re not talking about love, peace, and harmony although they come for free during the yuletide season. The best gifts are the ones that make the receiver feel warm and loved. Every year you receive dozens of presents that you end up regifting (admit it, you do this too). 

    Wrapped Christmas gifts

    Make your gift stand out so it won’t end up in the dump. Thoughtful, personalized gifts that come from the heart will ensure that this never happens. We have 12 thoughtful gift ideas you’ll want to give to the special people in your life. These are great gifts to get for yourself too.

    1. Custom Care Package for All Seasons

    Care package is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to anyone. It may last for months and the receiver can feel your love when they use or consume each product from the package. You can put medicine, bath products, food, and sweets in a box or jar. Make it better by attaching encouraging notes on each product.

    If you are giving it to a woman, you can include chocolates, personal care products, and makeup. For men, put their favorite snacks, drinks, medicine, and personal hygiene products. 

    2. Baking Kit and Secret Recipe Gift

    If you know a loved one who loves to cook or bake, this is the best gift for them! Buy them a baking kit and give them your own secret recipe. The recipe doesn’t have to be too complex. Simple recipes are enough so anyone could try it. You can include measured ingredients in the kit as well. This gives them the chance to try out the recipe immediately without spending. They can share the experience with you or other friends too.

    Baked goods

    3. Tea from Around the World Gift Set

    Do you know a tea-lover? A tea set from around the world is the perfect gift. There are lots of specialty teashops that import tea from around the world. You can find one in your city or you can also collect teas from various shops. Put them in a wooden tea box or a handcrafted container with labels. Tea is not only popular in Europe. Asian and African countries such as Japan, China, India, Morocco, and Kenya also produce great teas.

    You can include teacups and ceramic mugs as well. Lead them on a gastronomic journey around the world with a tea set.

    4. Favorite Bath and Body Products in Personalized Case

    Having trouble thinking of the best gift for your girlfriends? Their favorite bath and body products in a monogrammed case might be the answer to your problem. The holiday season is all about parties, get-togethers, and socializing. It’s fun to spend the holidays with your loved ones. However, it also makes everyone crave for some me-time.

    Let your friends enjoy a spa-like experience with Shiny Leaf’s bath and body products. These products make skin feel softer and give hair a smoother texture. At the end of the day, your friends can feel better and more special after a relaxing bath. Personalize the gift with a monogrammed case that has their printed initials. This is a great gift for friends who like to travel too. The monogrammed case is the perfect container for essentials like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and your favorite bath oils. Another idea is to include body care accessories like loofah, towel, and scrubs.

    Shiny Leaf products in a basket

    5. Engraved Watches

    Engraved watches might seem like a thing of the past. However, the gentlemen in your life can definitely appreciate its sentimental value. Watches are common gifts for men. It is convenient and has great value. However, it can lose its value over time especially with many competitive brands out there. You are more likely to gift someone two watches in one decade. Engraved watches, on the other hand, has a value of a lifetime.

    You can choose messages, names, dates, or quotes in the back of the watch. Watch engraving services are very affordable. You can buy a watch and have it engraved. Make sure that the engraving is meaningful for the receiver.

    6. Printed Photo and Milestone Book

    If your family likes to capture everything in photos, they will definitely appreciate a printed photo book. It might be easier to just upload photos on Facebook. However, they don’t have the same sentimental value as albums. On the other hand, albums can fade and get destroyed over the years. Printing milestone photo book lasts longer and you can even edit the photos to look like magazines.

    This is a great gift to friends, family, and even your partner. Your gift does not have to be photos of people. You can include photos of places and food for people who like to travel.


    7. Mini Bar Set

    If you know anyone who likes to spend their nights (not only during holidays) with a glass of wine, give them a mini bar set. Stash small bottles of various alcohols in a wooden box or big glass jar. This lets them enjoy different flavors of alcohol for various nights. Attach notes on what goes best with these drinks so they can enjoy it fully.

    This mini bar set is also great for people who like to travel. Mini bottles of alcohol are easier to carry around. Anyone can wind down with their favorite drink after a long day of traveling.

    8. Pet Portrait

    Who doesn’t love a painting of their pet hanging in the living room? Pet lovers like to boast about their companion and their cuteness. In their eyes, their pet is the most beautiful and handsome there is. Instead of giving them their portrait, have a painting of their pet made. Anyone who loves his or her pet will appreciate this gift. Commission an abstract or realistic painting of their pets that will remind the receiver how awesome their companions are.

    Immortalizing pets is a great way to preserve the moments shared with them. Pet paintings are fun, memorable, and thoughtful gifts for everyone.

    9. Mason Jar Set and Breakfast Recipes

    Encourage your friends and family to cook their own meals at home. Gift them a set of mason jars with a list of breakfast recipes. Mason jars are easy to bring and they are great storage for any kinds of food. The list of recipes doesn’t have to be all about oatmeal. You can store other breakfast meals in mason jars like salad, fruits, rice, and even noodles.

    Oatmeal in mason jar

    This can help reduce plastic waste as well. There is major concern over the world’s increasing plastic pollution. Gifting mason jars might seem like a small move towards eradicating plastic pollution. However, any form of help is important to reduce plastic pollution. Instead of disposable plastic containers, your friends or family can use mason jars for packed lunch and breakfast. It is easier to wash too since edible food does not stick on glass.

    10. Garden Starter Kit

    Friends who have a green thumb will appreciate a garden starter kit. Complete with tools and seeds, anyone can start their own mini garden. They can start growing microgreens that are healthy and more affordable than shopping. There are lots of plants, vegetables, and herbs that are easy to grow too.

    Growing plants can be very therapeutic. Gardening calms the mind and helps lift up your mood. It can also improve mental and physical health. Friends who like to get in touch with nature will surely love this gift.

    11. Coasters with Custom Designs

    Friends or family who like to host parties and get-togethers love personalized coasters. Coasters protect furniture from fading and getting damaged. You can get a set of coasters designed specifically for the receiver’s preference. Some examples include their favorite movies, albums, songs, quotes from their favorite writers, or the receiver’s initials. Another suggestion is to design the coasters like a vinyl of their favorite singer or band.

    You can also choose different materials for coasters. There are coasters made from tiles, wood, rock, ceramic, and recycled materials. Some craftsman can create patterns out of personalized wood coasters too.

    Cup in a coaster

    12. A Weekend Getaway in Cozy Airbnb

    It’s hard to think of the perfect gift for someone who seems to have everything they need and want. How about a weekend getaway? You don't need to buy tickets for overseas trips if you are on a budget. You can just book a cozy Airbnb out of town. There are rentals out of town that can serve as the perfect vacation spot for a friend, family, or your partner.

    Nothing says ‘you’re special to me’ than a gift that’s made just for you. A personalized gift shows that the giver knows you, your likes, and dislikes. It also shows that they’ve thought long and hard to find the perfect gift that can make you smile. 

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