Get 20% Rebate When You Pay With Bitcoin Cash

Shiny Leaf creates high-quality products using only the best natural ingredients. With every bottle of shampoo or natural oil you buy, you get products that can effectively restore the vitality of your skin, hair, and body. Every innovative product we create is made with your well-being in mind.

Our innovative ways are not limited to creating beauty products that work. We also want to make sure that we keep up with customer demands, trends, and growing markets. We want to give our customers the best service so we added Bitcoin Cash as payment method at the Shiny Leaf website.

Get 20% Rebate When You Pay with Bitcoin Cash

** Note that the rebate amount you will receive will be based on the exact BCH value in the transaction ID on the blockchain and not on the value of BCH on the date when your rebate was credited to your wallet.  

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Shiny Leaf supports merchant adoption with the addition of Bitcoin Cash as one of its many payment methods. Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency or peer-to-peer (P2P) electronic cash that is fully decentralized. Unlike USD, EUR, and other fiat-money currencies, BCH is not regulated or controlled by any central bank, nor does it require third parties for your BCH transactions to run smoothly. This means faster payments and minimal to no transaction fees.

It’s so easy to use Bitcoin Cash

1. Simply add to Cart your product of choice
2. Key in your delivery details
3. Select Coinbase Commerce for Bitcoin Cash Payments, and
4. Click on Complete Order
Pay by sending the BCH amount to the wallet address provided or scanning the QR code.

How to Pay Using Bitcoin Cash
How to Pay Using Bitcoin Cash
How to Pay Using Bitcoin Cash

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