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Shiny Leaf introduces the use of cryptocurrency as a new payment method, with ten various types of cryptocurrency to choose from. With merchant adoption of these cryptocurrencies, you will have more convenient ways to buy your favorite Shiny Leaf products. You will also get an instant 15% discount upon checkout, only if you choose to pay using this method. That is savings and convenience in one!

Pay with Cryptocurrency

Our innovative ways are not limited to creating beauty products that work. We also strive to always keep up with customer trends, demands, and growing markets. It is our strong commitment to quality customer experience that always inspires us to give you these useful solutions. We want our customers living within the “crypto-universe” to also enjoy the exciting deals we offer so we added Cryptocurrency as payment method at the Shiny Leaf website.

What Cryptocurrencies Can I Use?

Any Shiny Leaf customer who uses cryptocurrency as a purchasing asset has a diverse option on what type of cryptocurrency to use. Choose from any of these ten options when buying Shiny Leaf beauty products:

10 Accepted Cryptocurrencies

Paying with Cryptocurrency is Easy


Add to cart and apply discount code ADOPTION


Select CoinPayments then click on Complete Order


Choose a cryptocurrency as your coin and pay the amount

We want to take the hassle off your shoulders so we made cryptocurrency payments quick and easy! While you enjoy the nourishing benefits of our top-selling oils, face serums, shampoos, and conditioners, don’t forget that you’ll also get 15% off every time you place an order.


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