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Are you the next Big Shiny Leaf Star?

We’re honoring our wonderful fans by awarding the customer whose interactions with Shiny Leaf and the Shiny Leaf Community are through the roof. We’re giving one (1) fan per month the Shiny Leaf Top Fan Badge. This prestigious badge is given to fans who love to like, share, or just talk with us regularly on our social media pages and other channels. Your Top Fan Badge comes with some awesome prizes from Shiny Leaf too.


We value your acts of love, loyalty, and support for the Shiny Leaf brand. Your support gives us the encouragement to keep working hard at creating shareable posts that you and your friends will love. We also love it when you talk to us via our social media channels.

We're looking for a customer that's active on social media and who loves to talk to us and to the rest of the Shiny Leaf Community. You can be that customer! Here are the various ways on how you can earn the Shiny Leaf Top Fan Badge:

FOLLOW – Let’s get connected! Follow Shiny Leaf on these social media channels. Just click on the links below and “Follow” us. Click “Like” for Facebook and “Subscribe” for YouTube too.

SHARE – We work hard to give you the latest information, beauty tips, and tricks to help you look and feel good. We know you love them and we feel like your friends will love our posts too. Share, retweet, save, or re-pin our posts so your friends can learn more about our incredible products.
ENGAGE – Love that photo we just posted on Facebook? We know you’ll be clicking “Like” 2 seconds after we post it. We love hearing from you and knowing what you think. Let us know through reactions, comments, and of course Likes!
FEEDBACK – Do you have great experiences with our products or services you wish to share? Did our products or posts inspire you to do something fabulous? Don’t be shy and drop us a review. Or you can post pics! We love those too. Post photos on the VIP group or your personal account and tag us so we can see it.
RECOMMEND – We love it when you tell your friends about us. Tag your friends in our photos, videos, and all other kinds of social media posts. Share our posts on your own personal account and make sure to tag us when you do!

We appreciate every share, comment, like, and conversation you have. In short, we love it when you interact with us. We love it even more when you interact with the entire Shiny Leaf Community. We’ll be looking after both so make sure to keep talking to us and to your fellow Shiny Leaf fans.


We want to give you an awesome Thank You Gift Pack that will take your natural beauty to the next level! As the Shiny Leaf Top Fan of the Month, you will receive:

  1. Shiny Leaf product/s (specific product/s will be determined by Shiny Leaf depending on availability)
  2. 100 points deposited straight to your Shiny Leaf Rewards account

Customers may be awarded the Top Fan Badge only once per year to give other fans a chance at the badge too. 


Try these tips to help you get that coveted Top Fan Badge. 

  1. Tag us on all your posts or shares about Shiny Leaf.
  2. Do you have a personal blog? Tell your friends about us through your blog. Share the link or URL of your blog post on your profile and tag us.
  3. If you just bought any of our products, make sure to leave a review. 
  4. Share your friend's reviews and posts about Shiny leaf too.
  5. Always check back on our social media pages for our latest posts.
  6. Turn on the notification button so you’ll never miss out.

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We love all our fan’s enthusiasm and we want to show you how much we value your support. So, we’re putting the spotlight back to you through our Top Fan Badge. This is our way of thanking you for being loyal to Shiny Leaf all these years. Get to know us a little bit better. Check out our About Us page and awesome products!

Shiny Leaf has more contests, promotions, and giveaways in store for you. Visit our Promotions page to find more offers and ways to win Shiny Leaf products.

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