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Love it, high quality!

LOVE. really smells nice! I am very particular about fragrance, this smells, very natural, like high-quality essential oils. Still strong enough you may want to dilute it further depending on how you plan to use it, even though it is in Jojoba. Very happy!

Love this oil as a great base for adding other

Love this oil as a great base for adding other essential oils to for a custom face serum. I added some geranium, frankincense, lavender and lemon EO and use it daily with great results!

the fragrance is wonderful!

I have very sensitive skin and have tried every moisturizer under the sun but everything makes me break out or gives me a rash. finally found a product that treats my skin right. I've only been using this for a day now but I woke up this morning without any problems whatsoever. it only takes two or three drops for my entire face and the fragrance is wonderful!

So smooth, soothing and beneficial

I bought this Rose Absolute oil mostly for topical use but you can also use it therapeutically like in a diffuser. It has a light, pretty rose smell that is not overpowering on your skin. My teenage daughter was looking for a moisturizer for her face that wasn't heavy nor oily and this oil is perfect. It's made of natural ingredients and doesn't irritate her young skin. You literally only need three drops and spread thinly and evenly on your skin. It absorbs quickly and leaves your face smooth and not shiny.

smells and feels awesome on my skin

Yes, smells and feels awesome on my skin!

Seems to be a great quality and smell lasts

Smells great and a good price for a 1oz bottle. Packaged well and delivered on time. I have bought several oils that are of a good quality, I've been unable to find any difference in their oils compared to any others that I have. I will continue to buy their products!

Absolutely love this oil

Absolutely love this oil!!!! It gives such a great aroma for my house! Can't get enough of it! All my guests are asking me what I am using for the smell. I can tell that the oil itself is very high quality - it's nice and thick. Very recommended!

Rose information & a facial mask

Shiny Leaf is my new favorite brand for 100% pure products. The smell of their Rose oil is amazing whether I use it in a diffuser or in one of my favorite recipes I am enjoying it. Here is some information that I have on rose oil to share: As I learned in my Natural Holistic Courses, rose oil is high in vitamins C, A, B3, D, E, bioflavinoids & minerals. Rose oil helps with emotional balance, can calm and lift your spirit. It has positive effects on the spirit. It is particularly beneficial for a closed heart, encouraging love and compassion. It releases past trauma. It also relieves heavy menstrual cramps. Here is a facial mask (you can also place it on your stomach for menstrual cramps). Mix 2 Tablespoons of warm water, 1 Tablespoon of plain yogurt, 1 Tablespoon of raw honey (warmed if solid) and 3 drops of Rose Absolute with Rosehip Oil & Jojoba. You can put it in a little dish and use a wire whisk to blend the yogurt and honey with the water. Massage it into the skin and leave it on for 15 minutes. Wipe it off with a warm cloth.

I'm very pleased with Shiny Leaf Rose Absolute

I'm very pleased with Shiny Leaf Rose Absolute. It is made with natural and high-quality ingredients. It is very light weight and absorbs quickly into your skin. I like to blend a few drops in my wrinkle cream because Rose absolute has anti-aging benefits for the skin. It makes my skin feel amazing and it diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and plumps them out. I also like a to put a few drops in my conditioner because it can also stimulate hair growth and is great for the scalp. In addition, when I'm feeling anxious and stressed I like to rub a little on my temples for a calming effect or I'll put some in my diffuser. It smells amazing. There are many ways I enjoy using my Rose Absolute. I'm very pleased with the quality of this brand. It is made of high quality, natural ingredients. there are no weird additives or chemicals

Super stuff

Great product and arrived very quickly. Will definitely order more.

Smells amazing and it's so nourishing!

Don't think this is just another Rosehip Oil because it's not. It's so much more. First of all, unlike the typical Rosehip Oil, this one actually smells like Roses, not hay (which is what I think the average Rosehip Oil smells like). The difference is that besides regular Rosehip Oil this has Bulgarian Rose Absolute Oil which is what gives it the amazing light Rose scent. It also contains Jojoba Oil as well which doesn't really have a smell, it just adds to the luxuriousness of this oil as a whole. Over the past few weeks, I have been using this just about everywhere. However, my favorite by far is to use it on my hair, decollete, neck and shoulders. Not only do I get the hydrating, anti-aging benefits and anti-inflammation benefits of the oil but I get the aromatherapy benefits as well. It helps me feel relaxed and makes my tension disappear. Plus, this Rose Absolute Oil in Rosehip Oil & Jojoba Oil by Shiny Leaf also doubles as a light perfume! Skin and hair look and feel nourished and hydrated, I feel stress-free and I smell amazing. What else can I ask for?

Great for skin

This is a very high-quality oil and smells wonderful, I purchase this on a recommendation of my cousin who uses a similar oil for her hands and cuticle. As mines were looking horrible after a very long cold winter, I have been using this for a couple of weeks I count be happier with the results it absorbs very fast you only need couple drops. I placed a couple of pictures of my progress along the way.

Five Stars

Nice rose smell. Not the old type rose smell

Rosey and Shiny... Perfect

Try to pick the right rose in a amazon of choices..picky picky qualilty over quantity and at a reasonable price, narrowed it down to about none. Outta the blue a lightning deal on Shiny Leaf Rose Absolute. Shiny Leaf? Pretty New and no reviews to turn me off, so sweet ill pick this Shiny Leaf. (BLAH BLAH Im stuck waiting for delayed flight, hence the documentery review) Drum roll please...package looks good dont smell a spill, Dark brown glass is sealed, oil is a med amber color, actually looks same as pictured, and yey truly smells of fresh roses, not overpowering artificial smack you in the nose. How do you smell a live rose, you bring your nose close, well same with the rose oil, I love it. On the skin a few drops does whole face, absorbes fast and literally leaves your skin feeling soft & dewy. I love this oil happily ever after... endof story. whrs my plane??

Five Stars

Smells wonderful and feels so good on my skin.

So far, so good

I haven't been using it very long, so it's hard to give an accurate review. So far, so good.

Five Stars

Great product and fast shipping

Gentle Fragrance

Wanted something that was a nice gentle summer fragrance - not the "alcohol/chemical" based. It rubs in easily, is subtle, gentle fragrance.

Love it

I haven't even finished my first bottle and already ordered a second set of it. It smells amazing, and I paired it with some organic rose petals in my bath bombs, and some orange blossom water. It smells so luxurious together and I'll definitely be a frequent customer. Please never stop selling it. Package came in quickly, no issues, and safe.

like fresh picked roses

Smells very lovely, like fresh picked roses. It is light and not super overpowering. It does not smell like some rose oils that remind me of generations of late, but more of the fresh variety. If you plan on mixing this with any type of soap making, or elements that need to be heated, I would recommend adding additional drops. Sometimes when you heat oils where their bases come from an alcohol based process, they will fade as you heat them. I need to test more with other items as the bees wax I purchased to make lotion bars with this, smelled horridly rancid and smokey so I ended up adding a ton of oil to try to quash the awful smokey smell from the wax. I would totally recommend for aromatherapy or a diffuser. It is rich like the really fragrant roses that used to grow when I was a kid. You get a rather large amount for the price, far more affordable than the hit and miss of the cold press oils.

Five Stars

Product smells amazing and lasts all Day! Will definitely buy again.

Five Stars

Smells great and the price was even better!!!

Works and smells great

I'm in love with this Rose oil, I use it for my face and hair. The smell is very lovely scent of roses and has helped clear my face up and helped with the itchiness of the eczema on my scalp. This oil isn't thick and you only need 2 drops for your face and 3 to mix on your palm with your shampoo when you are taking a shower. A little goes a long ways and this bottle will last a good long while. I use it once a night for my face and three times a week for my hair. I was already in love with roses but this is a whole new level of love I have for my favorite flower 😉.

I love it.

I've been searching for a rose scent that smells as if rose petals were crushed and the scent rubbed on my skin. The Shiny leaf Rose absolute is the closest I've come. Pure and delicate rose scent. I love it.

Love oils

Love the feel and scent.

It's true what they say. Smells like roses.

This oil feels good when it goes on and doesn't have much residue on the hands compared to others until it fully absorbs(its oil after all). The smell of roses is just enough to not be too strong or too little. It will also last a long while since you don't need much at all when using it. So far my hands feel really smooth. Better than lotion in my own opinion. Overall, I give this product a 5/5 stars. I will update my review if anything changes.

The smell is not too overpowering so I like that.

Upon opening the package I could smell hints of rose and the aroma was very pleasing. The oil is lightweight and absorbs quickly on my skin. It left my skin feeling fresh and smooth. The smell is not too overpowering so I like that. I love that it comes with a glass dropper, which makes it so easy to use and also keeps it from getting messy!

I mix this with my vitamin C + hyaluronic acid oil and apply before bed and it just feels so good on my face

I bought this since I saw that rose hip oil and jojoba oil is supposed to help diminish hyper-pigmentation and acne scars. I only have had this for about a week so it's too early to tell if it works for that or not. However, so far using it I am loving the smell of this product. It has a really subtle rose smell, not overpowering at all. I mix this with my vitamin C + hyaluronic acid oil and apply before bed and it just feels so good on my face.

Wonderful stuff!

I've only used this for a few days now, but it's wonderful stuff! It not only smells wonderful, but it makes my skin feel so silky. I have been mixing it with my regular moisturizer, and it's made such a difference. My skin even looks clearer than it had. I will definitely be buying this again when I run out.

Beautiful natural rose scent

I am very much enjoying this product. Beautiful natural rose scent that is just for you to enjoy... I also use it on my hair. Thanks


Great product!! I will definitely purchase this item again.

Shiny Leaf Rose Absolute

Love the smell, texture, and consistency. Very moisturizing! Good price, fast shipping, packaged very well.

Love It

It's a very good oil, feels good on the skin, soothing and softening with a nice mild fragrance. I received last week and use after my shower all over, except my face. I have used mixed with my unscented creams and lotions and alone. Works well either way and is not greasy. Absorbs quickly.

Excellent product.

An excellent product. The scent is not over powering like some rose products.

It smells nice and is good quality

It smells nice and is good quality. It just doesn't smell rosy enough for me. I can smell greenery mixed in.

Very pleasant scent

Very pleasant scent, you will only need a drop to use at a time. It does absorb very quickly. Does help very dry skin.

True rose scent

Nice rose scent. Mixes well in blends. Hints of rose come through.

A rose is a rose is a Rose Absolute

Quite literally, this smells exactly like my rose garden. The oil is light enough to use as an after shower body oil. I don't know what else I'll use it for, but believe me, I'll be looking for ways to make my world smell like roses. Maybe infused in a misting bottle for a linen spritz! Or just to make me smell like roses. A true rose scent, not "sorta" smells like roses. Lovely. Just lovely, and quickly delivered, too.

Very Good Product Great Value

I love the product. The dropper makes it easy to dispense the right amount without waste. I primarily use it for meditation and relaxation. I would recommend this product for the money it's a good value.

Long lasting

I have been using essential oils for years. This is the best! After 10 hours, I can still smell roses!

like Rosehip Oil and Jojoba

I was looking for the Bulgarian Rose Scent, which is different from the Damascus Rose Scent - though, both are absolutely magical and very special. I found this product from Shiny Leaf, which has a few other very much therapeutic ingredients, like Rosehip Oil and Jojoba. To be honest, I hasn't tried yet to use it on a skin, but I put a few drops on a bed frame to hope to sleep a bit better (I have big time insomnia). And, indeed, I slept much better with this delicate pure scent of being somewhere in a rose garden, with other "green flowery" scents as well. Highly recommended.

The smell is amazing. It makes my massage room smell like a garden of roses.

ordered this product recently. My order was received on time, securely wrapped, and arrived in one piece. The bottle is just the way it looks on Amazon, and makes a decorative addition to my other oils on my shelf. The smell is amazing. It makes my massage room smell like a garden of roses. In addition, I am allergic to many perfumes. They tend to irritate my eczema; however, for the past couple of days I have been touching the dropper in my palm, then adding a pinch of petroleum Jelly, rubbed on my wrist and behind my ear. No rash...Yippee! This product is highly concentrated, which is an indication to me that it is all that the seller says it is. Best of all, I lunched with a friend yesterday who exclaimed "I thought you were allergic to perfumes" when I told her what it was she decided to order. motto of this review...a little of Shiny Leaf Rose Absolute does indeed go a long way. I will be looking into more of their products for future purchase. Great value for the money spent.

Amazing fragrance, super quality!

If you are looking for a high-quality rose absolute, do not hesitate to try this! It smells absolutely amazing! A very true rose scent, not at all like some that have a chemical smell to them. Just pure, clean rose. Scent is very soft and true. This Rose absolute has jojoba oil and rosehip, and can be applied directly to your skin. This is important to know because some of these products have to be mixed with a carrier oil, which you must buy separately. That is not the case with this product. It is very gentle and I have even been able to apply it around my eye area with zero sensitivity. Rose is one of those plants that has countless benefits. This product is great for softening and moisturizing your skin. Its anti-aging benefits make it perfect for all skin types and ages. It is never too soon to start taking care of your skin! You can also warm a drop or two between the palms of your hands and then gently work through your hair. This keeps your hair strong, and vibrant, and protects the ends against splits and breaking. It also gives your hair a gleaming shine, and an amazing Rose fragrance. Add a few drops under running water to your bath for an expecially fragrant and moisturizing experience. I found this product to be excellent for aromatherapy purposes as well. A little goes a long way, and you can add a few drops to your diffuser for a Heavenly rose scented room. This fragrance has a very calming effect. Product arrived professionally packaged in a amber glass bottle to prevent degradation, with a high-quality glass dropper. I'm 100% happy with my purchase and definitely would buy again.

Absolute must have

The Victorians that used to use Rose Absolute toutted it as the one scent that could produce instant orgasm. It takes something like 5000 pounds of of rose petals to make 16 oz of Rose Absolute. The victoians were not far off! I use this oil DIRECTLY on my face. It is far better than any other face oil I have ever used. It leaves a light, precious scent. It envelopes me with joy and serenity every morning and evening. The results are absolutely amazing. 1.) no breakouts caused 2.) no oily residue left on skin 3.) smell isn't too strong 4.) results in as little as 3 days 5.) convenient dropper 6.) goes a long way. One or two drops will cover entire face. I have also used it on my split ends. Miraculous Rose Absolute.

I love the smell of this essential oil

I love the smell of this essential oil. Mind you, I am very sensitive to strong fragrances and am allergic to artificial scents, so it's always great to find things that do not make me sneeze or get a stuffed up nose. This oil smells wonderful! It's not overpowering, and it smells like real roses. The oil is light and does not leave your skin feeling greasy - it absorbs fully. Right now I'm using it under my eyes to help with fine lines, and it's definitely working. I've also used it in a bubble bath, which was awesome. Lots of uses - highly recommend!

Amazing aroma!!

If roses are your favorite flowers the Shiny Leaf Rose Absolute aroma oil will be your favorite one! Putting a few drops on my neck makes me feel like I’m in the middle of a rose garden. I’m absolutely in love with it!! I usually use it for aroma purposes, either directly on my skin or in my essential oil diffuser. However you can also use for therapeutic purposes to relieve your muscles pain or strengthen your hair. It is mixed with rosehip and jojoba oils that have a lot of amazing qualities on their own.

Wonderful in the diffuser and bath

Purchased this the other day and have got to say that the smell is heavenly!!! I use mine in my diffuser as it brings a bit of summertime to the home. The smell is not overpowering it's justtt right!!! I even add this to my bath for that sweet smell of roses. One of my favorite oils by far! I'm going to try adding this to my shampoo to see how it does.

Natural High Vibrancy

I really want to thank you for your consistent quality products. This rose oil is exceptional. Smells good, feels great and seems to exude a natural high vibrancy.

Smells li

ke rose heaven!

I purchas

ed the Shiny Leaf Rose Absolute With Rosehip Oil primarily to make bath bombs with. I also found that I could squeeze a few drops in to warm bathwather to give it a lovely scent while bathing. You don't need a lot of the oil to make a big impact, just a few drops will do. The size of the bottle is nice, as it will last quite a while.

When I op

ened it my boyfriend said from a few feet away, that's good stuff. It's the perfect sum up for this oil. Beautiful and authentic rose. Not too strong. The consistency of the oil was lighter after warming up in the house.the oil is also high quality.

this oil

carries my 3 favorite oils in one blend, Rose Absolute, Rosehip oil and Jojoba Oil. That's why I bought it. And I am happy I did. It is of the highest quality, thick but not sticky, smells like a garden of roses and its color shows its quality. This Rose Absolute is the best Absolute I have ever tried and I can't imagine anyone not liking it.

Love the

pleasant aroma of this oil, not too strong but strong enough for daily use. I use it on my face - make my skin glow. I applied a few drops on my 3yo daughter's hands and she loved it. It has very feminine, gentle aroma.

Smells gr

eat, absorbs fast, a pleasure to use❗

The fruit

of Royalty and it truly feels that way. Beautiful and pure oil and it is soothing and healing. It truly works. Hardly used any, looks like it could last a while.

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