Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Vitamin C Serum Set Reviews

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Works as described.

Good stuff

Great product

I love this product. My skin used to be so dry, and no facial cream would work. After 1 week of using this product my dry skin has disappeared.


These two in combination on your face and neck work magic! They feel great when applying. Follow the directions and you will feel an immediate difference. It's not a miracle, but it has certainly diminished the dark circles and fine lines, especially around the eyes. I am hoping for greater improvement as I continue to use them.

Leaves face soft

Leaves my face feeling soft and moisturized. Haven't really seen any improvement with my skin yet but I have only used a few times.

Very Effective

While I have only used this combination of Serums for a little over a week, I already notice a significant level of hydration and reduction of wrinkles! Thank you for this great combo!!!

Highly recommended for all skin types!

Highly recommended for all skin types! I have combination skin type and this serum was the perfect solution to my blemishes. My skin is dry and oily at certain areas, especially at the T-zone. I cant seem to find the right serum for my skin until I stumbled upon this serum set. These serums absorbs fast into my skin. It feels really smooth upon application.

I love how my skin looks so fresh and soft after a few weeks.

I love how my skin looks so fresh and soft after a few weeks. Absolutely fell in love with this serum set. My skin looks fresh and feels soft after just one week of regular use. A drop of Vitamin C Serum and Hyaluronic Acid Serum goes a long way to moisturize and brighten my skin. I recommend this set to anyone with dull and tired skin!

Amazing Set!!!

I use both serums every other night and my skin became really soft! It only took a few weeks for wrinkles to go away too. I used this set every night and my skin looks more radiant when I wake up. I have a lot of acne marks too, but using this serum set made them fade. This set is really affordable too. This is by far the most suitable serum set for my skin.

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