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Are You Conditioned to Shampoo First?

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    Break the habit. Because fine and lifeless hair is not fine at all.

    I was used to the feeling of having flat, lifeless hair after shower. It feels too oily, too straight, and too limp as if I haven’t rinsed it enough. Most conditioners weigh heavily on my hair, making it look like a deflated balloon framing my face. The lack of defined waves frustrated me, but between frizzy or limp hair – I chose the lesser evil. In return, I have to sacrifice volume for less frizz. That is until I discovered the reverse wash method.

    As its name implies, the reverse method challenges the norm by using conditioner before shampoo. There’s been a craze about this method recently mainly because it is uncommon. Many experts have been recommending it especially for those who have fine hair. Reverse wash method increases hair volume, prevents frizz, and still leaves your hair feeling silky smooth. Using traditional methods of shampoo before a conditioner might seem like the best way to wash your hair, but it might be the one factor holding your hair back from its lustrous form.

    Fine hair tends to look flat and unruly after it dries. To compensate for the lack of volume, you can use styling products and hair serums. Or you can try this reverse wash method. See results even with just one wash!

    Shampoo and conditioner

    Reverse Wash Method

    Reverse wash method is just the regular way of washing your hair, just backward. Instead of cleansing hair and scalp first, you use a conditioner to moisturize and fortify hair. Here are the easy steps of reverse wash method:

    STEP 1: Wet hair and scalp. Remove excess water from hair to help the conditioner absorb through hair faster and easier.
    STEP 2: Take enough amount of the conditioner and apply to hair. Start from the mid-length to the tips of your hair. Apply excess conditioner to scalp. Massage for a minute and leave it on.
    STEP 3: Rinse after 2-3 minutes. Apply shampoo on hair and scalp, and rinse again.

    Pro Tip: Dry your hair using a soft face towel instead of the same towel you use for the rest of your body. Do not rub hair vigorously with the towel. Instead, pat your hair dry. Rubbing your hair with a regular towel can make the cuticles lift up from the body of each hair strand, leading to increased frizziness.

    Frizzy hair

    Reverse hair wash has great benefits for hair. It works best for fine hair since it is often limp and lacking in volume. This reverse wash method is easy. It might feel wrong at first, but it will definitely make your hair more lustrous. It makes your hair look thicker and prevents frizziness. Remember that not all regular shampoo and conditioner work for this method. For my hair care routine, I used Shiny Leaf Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set. Both these products contain argan oil and other moisturizing extracts that reinforce the hydration to my hair. I also noticed that there are less split ends after using the combo set regularly. The shampoo didn’t feel as drying compared to other shampoos I’ve tried. You can try this duo for great results.

    How Does It Work

    Experts found that using a conditioner before shampoo helps a lot to give hair a thicker and fuller appearance while preventing frizziness. By using a conditioner first, you can fortify your hair early on to protect it from the harsh formula of the shampoo. It seals the moisture or water in the hair shaft and smooths the cuticles as well. It strengthens the hair’s protective layer to prevent dryness or damage during cleansing.

    Shampooing hair after gets rid of the excess formula and removes the weight of the conditioner from hair. This reverse wash method reduces frizziness, increases hair volume, and makes hair bouncier.

    Girl with thick and shiny hair

    How the Cleanse-and-Condition Method Damages Hair

    If you are prone to having frizzy, limp, and dry hair then you need to try this backward method of washing hair. Shampoos leave your hair shinier and drier than usual. To bring back the soft and smooth texture of hair, you use a conditioner. Yet, there are instances that your hair still gets frizzy and wild after it dries. This is a normal occurrence, especially for fine wavy hair. On the other hand, straight normal hair tends to look limp and feel oily after conditioning. Find out why these things happen to your hair.

    Why Does Hair Feel Dry Even After Conditioning?

    Some hair types are highly porous, meaning they are vulnerable to breakage. Moisture escapes easily and leaves hair drier. Cleansing hair increases this porosity, leaving hair with more gaps in the cuticles. Most shampoos don’t contain ingredients that add more moisture to your hair. Its primary role is to change the feel and texture of hair by making it softer, smoother, and more manageable. But it does not mean that it moisturizes your hair. In fact, most formulas only coat the outermost layer of hair strands, unlike the conditioners that contain essential oils.

    As hair dries, the formula dries along with it. While it might make your hair feel softer, it can still cause the frizziness. Since hair has high porosity, it allows the moisture and hydration to evaporate fast, leaving hair dry and frizzy.

    Thick straight hair

    What Makes Your Hair Limp and Heavy?

    It is possible that you are over conditioning your hair. Straight hair has enough moisture to make it soft and shiny. The scalp produces natural oil to moisturize the hair. Unlike the other hair types, this natural oil moisturizes hair from the roots to the tips. The lack of curls or bends in the hair makes it easier for the oil to reach the entire length of hair strands. Since hair is already moisturized, the formula of a conditioner only clings to hair. Rinsing with water might not remove all traces of the product from the hair strands. This leaves a deposit on hair that makes your tresses feel heavy and making hair lose volume.

    I Tried the Reverse Wash Method for A Week

    Who doesn't want their hair to get fuller, shinier, and smoother? I sure do. That's why I immediately tried reverse wash method when I heard about it. I assumed at first, that I won't see results after a few weeks of using this method. For once, I was so glad to be wrong. Here's what happened when I tried reverse washing for one week.

    What happened to my hair when I tried the reverse wash method for 7 days.

    DAY 1

    The first picture is how my hair looks when I tried reverse washing the first time. The moment I applied the conditioner to my hair, I was horrified. All I felt was rough, oily, and heavy. When I applied shampoo to get rid of the heaviness of the conditioner, I was surprised to find that it feels very refreshing. It didn’t feel as smooth when wet, but when my hair dried, it was amazingly smooth. I noticed that there is less frizzing throughout the day too.

    DAY 3

    There wasn't much of a difference on my second day of trying this method. On the third day, my hair looked so full and thick that I didn't have to use a volumizing spray. The argan oil shampoo wasn't as drying as regular shampoos, so I really enjoyed how my hair feels so smooth even though it wasn't as soft as I hoped it would be.

    DAY 5

    On day five, I found out the trick to having fuller and shinier hair without making it dry. I used less amount of shampoo I normally use and diluted it with half a cup of water. I applied it to my scalp and let the lather do its work. There was a huge difference in the texture and shine of my hair.

    DAY 7

    The last day of my experiment turned out to be the start of a new hair care routine. Throughout the whole week, I was using less and less products. I stopped using volumizing sprays and moisturizing serums. As my hair gains volume, shine, and softness, I also noticed that there was less frizzing and drying as compared to the regular way of washing hair. Although I can't say the same to others who have a different hair type, so far, this works for fine and wavy hair. 

    Difference before and after reverse wash method

    Try These Tips I Found Helpful for the Reverse Wash Method

    Reverse hair wash method is the key to reducing frizziness and increasing hair volume. Here are some things you need to expect as a first-timer and tips so you can get better results:

    • Your hair will feel rough, oily, and tangled when you apply the conditioner. This is normal so make sure not to use too much conditioner.
    • For better results, remove excess water from hair. Do not wring your hair! Instead, squeeze gently from the mid-lengths to the tips.
    • Avoid directly applying the conditioner to scalp. Remember that your scalp produces natural oil and applying conditioner can clog hair follicles. Always start from the roots going downwards. Apply the excess conditioner to scalp after.
    • Your hair will not feel as smooth and heavy. However, you will notice the tangles on your hair. Comb through hair as you apply the conditioner. It will reduce the damage done to hair while removing tangles.
    • Focus on shampooing the scalp and let the lather reach the tips of hair. It will leave your scalp feeling fresh and clean right after.
    • Rinse using lukewarm or cold water to retain the moisture to hair.
    • Hair will feel a bit rough compared to using a conditioner at the end of every wash. Let it dry before brushing and you will notice how easy it is to comb hair!
    • Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner so you can help repair hair damage as you wash it. Not all hair products work for this method so stick to trusted brands.

      Every day used to be a bad hair day until I tried reverse hair wash method. I was thoroughly satisfied with the results – I managed to tame the frizziness of my hair and increase its volume. I was ready to party the moment my hair dried. I recommended it to my friends who have different hair types as well and they all loved it. What makes this method even greater is that one size fits all!

      Whether you have hair that is coarse, rough, fine, dry, or frizzy – reverse washing is for you. Give it a shot and let’s see how well your hair fares for the day! Try this with nourishing sets of shampoos and conditioners. We offer a collection of high-quality hair products you'll find suitable for your hair type. Get the Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set here.

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