Top 5 Upgrades From 5 Years of Brand Nurturing at Shiny Leaf Shiny Leaf

Top 5 Upgrades From 5 Years of Brand Nurturing at Shiny Leaf

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    Experience is the best teacher. This is probably one of the most fitting catchphrases that describes our journey as a brand. Shiny Leaf is a living, breathing testament that constant change to improve is the road to perfecting one’s craft.

    In our five years in the industry, we have learned so much. We learned about our customers: what they want, what they are looking for, and what makes them feel happy and rewarded. We took time to understand the latest technologies and most effective strategies, so we can serve you better and make more meaningful connections with you.

    We have learned to adapt to many different facets of the business. Utilizing the knowledge we gained each time, we improved our brand in so many ways. As we celebrate our fifth-year anniversary, allow us to do this countdown of the top 5 upgrades we pride ourselves in.

    Shiny Leaf 5th Year Anniversary

    Shipping Protection

    In the early years of Shiny Leaf, one of the most common problems that our customer report back to us are lost or mishandled packages. If our customers are upset about that, we were probably ten times more displeased with ourselves. We knew our dear customers deserve better. And we couldn’t bear the thought of making you unhappy.

    That’s why we came up with the shipping protection feature as the solution. Shipping protection is an optional add-on you can turn on or off every time you shop on our website. For only $0.98, you are getting an instant security for your package. That means it will be safeguard from loss, damage, or theft. You are ensured that while your shipment is in transit, it will be safe and protected.

    In case it is stolen, lost, or broken en route, (which we promise is a rare case) you will also have an instant access to hassle-free refund or reorder options. It’s quick, easy and happens in just a few clicks. Shipping protection is part our 100% Happiness Guarantee that our customers can always count on.

    Get exclusive perks with Shiny Leaf Rewards

    Shiny Leaf Rewards

    In 2019, we introduced the Shiny Leaf Rewards as way of saying “thank you” to all our customers. Shiny Leaf Rewards is a loyalty program that offers exclusive rewards and privileges to its members. The rewards come in the form of points, which customers can earn and redeem in exchange for free products, coupon codes, gift cards, and more.

    Earning points for Shiny Leaf Rewards is super easy. Buying products, referring friends, and other simple tasks earn you points. In fact, you don’t need to purchase to be a member and start collecting your rewards.

    If you’re are not a member of Shiny Leaf Rewards yet, it’s now time to sign-up and claim the rewards waiting for you. Sign-up now to get started!

    Mobile App

    With the mobile phones being the most widely used device of this generation, it has become crucial for almost every business to reach its target customers through this technology. Majority of the population probably holds a mobile phone on their hands. Therefore, the accessibility of the mobile phone made it an instant tool for marketers to get their products and services in front of their target consumers.

    Mobile devices have become the bridge that simplified brand efforts to market products, attract potential buyers, and provide support for customers. We capitalized on this potential to create a stronger and more meaningful connection with our customers by developing the Shiny Leaf mobile app.

    The Shiny Leaf mobile app was launched in mid-2019 with features that enable our customers to shop, track deliveries, view order history, contact customer support, earn rewards, and so much more! It is available for free download from App Store or Google Play on both iOS and Android devices.

    If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you’re getting only half of the Shiny Leaf experience. Install the Shiny Leaf mobile app now!

    Easily secure and track your Shiny Leaf orders

    Order Tracking System

    We want to give our customers stress-free shopping experience. From choosing the right products that you want, efficient payment methods, to friendly customer care – we want to it to be as seamless as possible before, during, and even after you check out.

    Order tracking has often been a concern for some of our customers. Most of you want to know the status of your orders and that’s perfectly fine. That’s why we built a better order tracking system, which will systematize order information and make it available right when you need it.

    The Shiny Leaf order tracking feature can be accessed by Shiny Leaf customers by logging in on their accounts, either via the mobile app or our website. With better ways to track orders, a customer will have a peace of mind from knowing that an order is well-placed and is arriving at the doorstep very soon.

    Available in More Stores

    Shiny Leaf is now available in Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy. Aside from buying directly on our website, enjoy the convenience of purchasing your favorite shampoos, conditioners, oils and supplements on various sales channels of your choice.

    By having more shopping options, we were able to provide high quality products for a wider range of customers. The high demand for our products pushed us to make this huge leap possible. Thank you to everyone and please know that while demand rises, we are still keeping our eyes focused on maintaining the quality of our products.

    We make sure that each product is carefully formulated, so it does not contain ingredients that can harm you or the environment. Ingredients like parabens, sulfates, silicones, and hexane are major no-no’s in our lists.

    Top  5 Improvements in 5 Years Infographic

    Shiny Leaf has grown immensely over the course of five fantastical years. With a wider reach, amazing features, and products that are loved by all, we promise to continue this beautiful journey of self-love with you. Together, let’s continue thriving and living with a kind of self-awareness that only self-care can give. We promise that with the help of our natural bath and body products, you will be able to feel the most tender loving care that you always deserved!
    Beauty Face & Body Special Features

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