Essential oils come from the leaves, seeds, bark, flower and roots of plant and trees. When properly extracted, essential oils will contain much of the purest of the plant’s healing nutrients. These nutrients include amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins that are more potent than the herbs or plants where the oils came from. This Essential Oils Guide will tell you all there is to know about essential oils and their various uses.

There are many ways to make use of essential oils. Many guide to essential oils will tell you that some of its common uses include topical application. When you apply essential oils and essential oil products to the skin and body, they promote healing and wellness. You can also use them as aromatherapy oils to help treat a variety of health issues from high blood pressure to stress and fatigue.

A Quick Guide to Essential Oils’ Well Known Benefits for the Body

  • Reduces wrinkles and cellulite
  • Fights cold and flu
  • Alleviates bodily pain
  • Relaxes the mind and body
  • Soothes sore muscles
  • Balances hormones
  • Improves digestion

Shiny Leaf - Essential Oils - Guide

Essential Oil Applications

TopicallyTopical Oils can effectively penetrate and absorb quickly on the skin. Most essential oils guide will tell you that these oils provide a number of therapeutic benefits to the body when absorbed completely into the skin. To help get relief from pain, apply the oils onto the temples, neck, soles of the feet and other parts of the body where you feel sore.

Aromatically – When inhaled, natural essential oils reduces stress by improving the mood. It also helps clean up the surrounding air and helps reduce the symptoms of cold and flu. Organic essential oils, when used in aromatherapy can help the body relax. According to some essential oils guide, it may also help improve focus and give the body a boost of energy.

Ingestion – There are essential oils called Internal Oils that are safe to ingest. But not many people know which oils belong to this category. To be always on the safe side, if you are unsure of the effects and the potency of a particular essential oil, it is best not to ingest it without the advice of a doctor.

Personal Care – Use pure essential oils to improve your skin, hair, and body. Many essential oils guide often advice you to add these essential oils to your shampoos, conditioners, lip balms, body butter, lotions, and perfumes to give your skin, hair, and body added moisture.

Shiny Leaf - Essential Oils - Guide

How Do You Use Essential Oils?

There are two most common ways to use essential oils. The first method is diffusion. The other method is through direct application on the skin, hair, and body.

Diffusion Process

Aroma therapists use the diffusion process often whenever they conduct an aromatherapy session. They often use this method of diffusing oils inside an enclosed space like the bedroom, office, and other indoor locations. Some essential oils emit a sweet smelling aroma that you can inhale. These promote wellness to your mind and body. Others provide a relaxing and calming feeling. Some oils can even alter mood and improve focus.

Some of the best essential oils may help purify help the air within your space. They remove toxins and other microscopic debris that cause unpleasant odors. Diffused oil may also help get rid of bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi that they encounter. Some essential oils guide provide accounts that suggest that it may also help destroy odor coming from cigarette smoke, molds, and household pets.

Direct Application

One of the most effective ways to use essential oil, according to some essential oils guide, is to apply it directly on the skin. Essential oils provide nourishment such as vitamin C, minerals, and fatty acids. It goes deep within the cells and provides you with nutrients that your body needs to solve many common skin and bodily concerns.

Lots of essential oils guide say that oils may also cause the brain to experience positive emotions. Humans have nerve endings deep in the nasal passage that are linked straight to the brain. When vapor coming from essential oils connects with these nerves, they are stimulated and the brain receptors that contain positive emotions are triggered.

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