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I love the way it makes my skin

I mix this with argon oil and other essential oils for my daytime and nighttime serum. I love the way it makes my skin feel

Five Stars

Loved it.

Very Happy!

I read that pomegranate seed essential oil was a great oil to add to my daily skin regimen. I was a little scared when I saw some people say it smelled, it was too thick, didn’t absorb, too greasy etc.....NOT SO! It goes on great (use it with emu oil) no oiliness, no bad smell I LOVE it! Yes it’s very thick, but it smooths in fine. A little goes a long way. 2 drops with 2 drops of emu oil does just fine! I will continue using this brand in my skincare routine! Thank you for making a great product!

It eliminates fine lines and skin discolorations

I use this on my face. It feels sticky at first but fully absorbs. It eliminates fine lines and skin discolorations.

Works great

I highly recommend this product within days my acne and skin improved and my hair is very soft!

This prod

uct is wonderful and cost-effective for the size. I would recommend Shiny Leaf, not only for their items but because of their prompt shipping & delivery schedule. Also, for their concern in asking each customer, if they are satisfied with the product. That reassures me that they stand behind their sales.

Satisfied customer

I've only used this product once since I received it, but so far I'm pretty happy. If you've never used pom oil before, it's pretty thick. I was concerned I'd gotten a wonky batch or something, but a little research said this was normal. I can't wait to add this to other recipes.

Great product!

Great product!

Five Stars

This oil is great! Exactly as it should be and soaks into the skin with no residue.

Great antioxidant for any skin type.

I bought this oil to add to my DIY facial oil/serum. I've actually just used it by itself! There is a bit of a scent but it dissipates after awhile. The oil itself is on the thick side but you don't need much to cover your entire face. Even though it is thick, it spreads easily and absorbs quickly, even on my oily skin. I chose this because of its high antioxidant content, skin renewing, and moisturizing abilities. It's a great anti-aging ingredient.

I like it.

I have been using at night around my eye area and I do like it. I haven't used long-term to be able to see any type of anti-aging results, but my eye area is well moisturized and soft. The bottle states it can be used on hair and nails as well. I have used on my nails, and it absorbs quickly without leaving a residue. If I feel a revised review is needed I will post future results.

Five Stars

I use this on my hands to help with my scaring from surgery

Pomegranate is amazing!

Amazing and immediate results using this oil on my very sun damaged hands. Only need one or two drops so this will last a while.

Hair, skin, everything benefits from this wonderful stuff

I loved the formula and the results. I've used it on my face, legs, and hair. I have been very satisfied with the results. My hair feels soft and my makeup comes off easily. My skin feels so wonderful afterwards.

I highly recommend this product

I'm loving this pomegranate seed oil! I use this as a carrier oil to my anti-aging essential oil. It doesn't feel greasy but leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized! I highly recommend this product!

Cool Alternative

This oil feels good when it goes on but will leave some residue on the hands until it fully absorbs( its oil after all). It does have a smell but not too strong. It will also last a long while since you don't need much at all when using it. So far my hands feel really smooth. Better than lotion in my own opinion. Overall, I give this product a 5/5 stars. I will update my review if anything changes. Also a definition from Amazon of what my 5 star represents: ★★★★★ = I love it (The product I received is practically perfect! I love love love it! I would either buy again or definitely recommend to a friend or family member. Meets all expectations and is great quality.)

Moisturizing, but thick and sticky consistency

I've used other pomegranate seed oils on my face in the past, and I enjoy the smoothness it creates. I was getting low, so I ordered this product. While it says it's an oil, it's thicker than an oil. I'd compare it more to a serum, but I've has serums that weren't this thick. The thick, sticky consistency makes it more difficult to rub in, and I can't wear this one under my makeup like I have others because my face is too oily after application. While the oil has a golden color, I haven't had an issue with it turning my face that color. It does moisturize well, but it doesn't do so lightly or airily. My face feels like it has a sort of mask on it until it's absorbed. I'm also not a fan of the scent of this oil. While not overwhelming, it's much more offensive than other oils I've tried. I wish I could say my face and I love this product, but I can't. It does the job I bought it for, I suppose, but not as well as other brands. Will I continue using it? Yes, because I paid for it. Will I purchase it again? Unlikely.

This fabu

lous oil has done wonders for my hair and skin! I'm a huge fan of essential oils for both aromatherapy and beauty care. I'd never tried pomegranate oil before and I took a chance on this purchase. I'm absolutely thrilled!! Pomegranate has so many benefits as a fruit when ingested, so naturally it's easy to believe that it can be beneficial topically. This oil is very thick, I found it hard to apply topically by itself, so I've been diluting it slightly with either argan or jojoba oil. It has made my hair feel like silk!!I I've been treating myself to a hair mask three times a week by coating my hair with this oil mixture at night and washing it out in the morning and my hair has never looked better! I've also been applying a few drops to my face at night and my facial skin looks brighter and healthier than it has in years. I love using all natural products and this pomegranate oil is the best. Don't waste your money on the department store, expensive brands. This oil is the best!!

Love this amazing oil!

Readily absorb oil with a slightly fruity odor. I use it in facial blends.

It's a good addition to my Oils collection.

Pomegranate Seed Oil 1oz/30ml Review. Shiny Leaf 100% pure virgin unrefined high quality oil. PREMIUM. Rich in Vitamins B,C and minerals. Anti-aging. Anti-bacterial. Natural Antioxidant. USE: For face, body, hair and nails, ideal for skin health. For daily use or when needed. It also provides relief from dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and sunburns! ***Has a pretty strong smell. I am sensitive about smells, the best I can describe it is a earthy type smell. Once it was absorbed, I didn't smell it anymore. Only need to use a small amount. I overused at first application and it felt kind of sticky until it absorbed into my skin. It has a dropper applicator. It's a good addition to my Oils collection.

A high quality, extremely effective, pomegranate oil

This is a very high quality pomegranate oil. I use it mostly for my hair. I mix it with my shampoo or conditioner and it had made quite a difference in repairing my hair. It's much more healthy, has more shine and body, and is growing out faster and stronger with little breakage and I've noticed little to no hair left behind in my brushes since I've started using it. I highly recommend this to anyone who uses natural products for their beauty needs

This is m

y 3rd product with this seller and I am totally impressed. The Pomegranate oil is so pure and effective. Just a couple of drops go a long way. Thank you. Can't wait to see what's next.

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