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Creating a Night Time Skin Care Routine

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    Turn in bed and look as fresh as you were before you started the day. Sleep away the stress and aging and wake up renewed by investing in a simple nighttime skin care routine. Your regimen before sleeping can affect the way you look the next day. Your body works double time to repair the damages your skin accumulated during the day.

    It could be from the buildup of dirt and toxins or from the exposure to dangerous UV rays. Clear up the impurities to reveal radiant skin underneath. Know the basics of skin care to build a good foundation for your regimen. Pamper yourself with these easy steps for skin care.

    Removing makeup with cleansing pads

    Gentle Cleansing for Skin

    Cleansing is the foundation of every skin care. It removes debris, dirt, excess oil, and toxins on the surface of the skin. These impurities can clog pores. It can also cause damage and even inhibit other products from taking their effect. Using gentle cleansers is what matters. Avoid using harsh products that might be damaging to the skin.

    Some of these cleansers can be foams, creams, gels, essential oils, and even cleansing pads. But for women who wear makeup, there are products far more suitable to use. Removing waterproof cosmetics such as foundations and mascara are more stubborn and harder to remove. You need to use gentle makeup removers. Its formula will be effective in the breakdown of cosmetics for easy removal. You can also use some toners to restore the balance of pH levels on skin after cleansing. It will also work to remove dirt and oils left on the skin.

    Serums for Skin Treatment

    Before using any heavy products, make sure to apply lightweight skin care formulas first. Serums have a very light consistency and are made for treating skin concerns. The formula of serums delivers the solution to skin conditions and problems. When heavier products are used before serums or other lighter formulas, it makes it harder for them to seep through the skin.

    Applying moisturizer to hands

    In every skin care routine, it is important to observe the sequence of using light to heavy skin care products. This ensures that the skin absorbs as much of these products as possible.

    Hydration for Soft and Supple Skin

    After using lighter products, it is now time to slap on some moisturizers. Hydrating the skin is one of the secrets in keeping it soft and supple. Choose a product that is suitable for your skin type. For oily skin, make sure to avoid products that are oil-based. This is more suited for those who have dry skin.

    There are also instances when cleansing strips the moisture off of the skin. Using moisturizer replenishes the needed water content of the flesh to keep it soft. It also works to improve the elasticity of the skin and prevents sagging.

    Face and Eye Creams for Overnight Rejuvenation

    Using face and eye cream is optional. But if you want to chase away the stress and dullness of your skin, it is greatly advised. Lather on some face and eye cream with rejuvenating powers. Notice how it gives your skin a healthier appearance.

    Woman with cucumber in her eyes

    Face masks is also a great product to use for night skin care routines. Leave them on and soak in the sensation of being pampered. Here are the basic steps every beauty regimen should have. Know that there are also other ways of taking care of the skin aside from applying products. Drink a lot of water, light some scented candles or diffuse aromatherapy oils. Get a good night’s sleep! Enjoy a night of rest and look forward to waking up looking youthful and fresh.

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