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Nail Care with Essential Oils

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    One of the first things that attract the attention of a person when talking or interacting with someone is their hands. Having clean and healthy nails is not only part of your hygiene but also one of the foundations of a good beauty care regimen. Most of us forget the importance of taking good care of our nails. People say that an easy way of knowing how neat a person is by checking their nails.

    There are a lot of things that can cause damage to our nails. Over time, it becomes brittle, thin, and the nail beds change in color, becoming duller and paler. It could be due to the lack of nourishment, harsh treatment of the nails and sometimes, the exposure to chemicals. This is why using natural products such as essential oils help in keeping not only the skin and hair healthy but also the nails. Invest in your own fingernail care to keep your cuticles looking pink and lively. Here’s how you can step up to an efficient nail care with essential oils.

    Nails with pink nail polish

    Hand Moisturizing with Essential Oils

    Oils are great for skin care since they have great moisturizing abilities. They condition the skin for a long period of time. Use essential oils as hand moisturizers for stronger nails and to protect the skin around it from getting damaged. While there are creams and lotions that hydrate the skin, there are some products that do not contain natural compounds that are effective in strengthening the nails.

    Washing hands or dishes, and using soaps and harsh cleansing products causes the thinning of the cuticles. Enjoy the healthy growth of nails with essential oils as hand conditioners.

    Infusing Essential Oils in Skin Care Products

    Cleansers can also strip away the protective layer on the nails, which makes them more sensitive and prone to damage. Infusing essential oils in skin care products such as cleansers help in making the formulas gentler. They will not only provide vitamins and minerals vital for the health of the nails but also replenish the moisture on the cuticles.

    Painting nails with nail polish

    Applying toxic formulas on the different parts of the body expose the nails to their potency. They do not only strip the moisture off of its top layer but also serve to weaken the nails. Using gentle products and infusing them with essential oils counter these effects. Some topical oils suitable for skin and hair care are also effective in promoting healthy nails.

    Essential Oils Cuticle Care

    Build your own cuticle care with essential oils with some of these helpful tips that will not only restore the natural shine on your nails but also work to improve the nail bed for a healthy pinkish color. There are also organic essential oils also correct the discoloration of nails or the skin around it.

    Some of the essential oils you can use for nail care are lavender oil, lemon oil, tea tree oil and carrot seed oil. They have various therapeutic effects and works differently for the nails. Tea tree oil and lavender oil, in particular, have healing powers. They have antibacterial and antifungal properties that protect the skin from bacterial infections like psoriasis. Here are some methods that make use of the natural vitamin and minerals in the oils to promote their healthy and strong growth.

    Nails painted white

    For a pampering night, create your own blend of natural essential oils and store them in an easy-to-use bottle. Mix complementing oils or dilute stronger essences with carrier oils and pick convenient storages to use.  It could be in roll-on containers or regular bottles. Roll-on essential oils are more handy and convenient to use. Apply a layer of roll-on essential oil or use either a dropper or cotton swab to put oil on the nails and cuticle.

    Ditch your date with nail salons and instead get thick and pinkish nails at the comforts of your own home. Display neat and well-groomed nails that look healthy and pinkish for a boost in confidence.

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